Connection problems

Like what the hell is going on. Cant even play a full game because i lose connection. Then to rub salt in it i get a 30 min. Ban because of your issues. Thanks for totaly abandoning the game between now and gears 5. Is this what i have to look forward to? Nothing but connectivity issues? Not like it hasnt been an issue sin the series first launched how many years ago.

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Hello, I have the same problems, I play with pc and it’s more difficult to play. It’s a shame.

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Thanks for input. As much as it burns me its nice to know im not the only one with the problem.
Happy hunting

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Welcome to Gears.

I play on PC and don’t have any issues but I’ve seen quite a few players with good connections get booted. I rarely see those with unstable garbage booted though. It’s weird.

The last Saturday by early morning playing the horde mode reached the point where the game took minutes to start until there were companions who abandoned or it started the horde and we don’t had enemies. When you take two hours of game in crazy difficult and these things happen, it’s unpleasant. And the Saturday at night lag, lose conection etc.

Horde without enemies

Big One Maybe and thunderstorm

My main issue is the freezing issue that alot of PC players have.

The only connection issue I notice is something that would happen on and off between different updates a little after the game launched. Whenever I tab over to another window, the Network Connection is lost in-game. It’s happened consistently since I reinstalled the game a few days ago, after not playing in nearly a year.

No matter what I tab over to or how long I’m out the Gears 4 window, it’s lost it’s Live connection when I go back to the window. If I don’t leave the Gears 4 window, the connection is fine though, and I only have to worry about the eventual random game freeze.

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