Connection problem

I am having problems with my game connection I play continuously and started to lag not knowing that I’m lagging until I shotty someone pretty close and ended up carrying him while running and then resetting back to where I shot the enemy in the first place before advancing to the next hill in KOTH and finally seeing my name gnasher the enemy team notice and showing me what actually happened and then my screen goes red… I died right after I killed the enemy team and then it happened a second time and then I’m getting messages that I’m a terrible shot or being called a noob? what? are you kidding me. someone who doesn’t even have 3k in gamer points called me a nood. so I finally notice oh great that’s a 4 to 5 second lag nope I’m done I cant continue anymore if I cant even tell I’m lagging bad. just got off the game right after this happened going to bed please help theres always 4 squares at the bottom right corner of my screen after every shot and active reload my console Is plugging directly into the wall outlet no 6 plug block plugs let me know thank you

Do you play over wifi? If so, do you have a weak signal? I recommend Wired,
If you do play over Wired, is the cable damaged? Maybe try changing the cable.
Suggest a reset of your router to see if it improves, if not, contact your ISP.

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I will do that now check the wires cords right now. thank you.

Omg dude it has nothing to do with our network or ISP. This issue is rampant globally and is a server issue on TC’s end.

Did the new update break the game? I can’t connect to Social, and if i do i get kicked before i can join a match

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Not more then usual :smiley:

Think you posted in the wrong thread. Her issues are locally.

same here I updated I’m getting kicked out aswell

There are issues that are being looked at. Is you in-game wifi symbol gone?

There has been issues sense the launch date of this game and it has only gotten worse. Getting kicked constantly, having 3 to 5 second delay lag. Unstable ping conection on matches from 5o ping to 800 ping. I have played gears sense the first one, this shouldn’t be a problem. Gow 4 is a downgrade from it’s predecesor gears is going back to gow 2 connection wise. TC fix your servers, fix the hitboxes, fix your coding, if you don’t work in the roots of the game you can still do small patches and the game will continue the same. Gow 4 is the only game that has major connection problems its time you do something about it, if you don’t want that to carryover to gears 5. I am very dissapointed in Team Coalition.

What carryover to G5? LOL

That’s precisely EVERYTHING that’s wrong with this game: STOP MONEY FEEDING, stop shoveling into casino fueled packs, being skin-payed to watch esports while you can’t even find a match, stop spending time on these broken servers, wasting time participating in this con. Stop being part of sth that intentionally doesn’t work.

Put some real threat bankruptcy wall around cheaters who can’t deliver won’t communicate do deny all issues and playing dumb to everything except to zeroes on bank accounts.

“Oh I hope Gears 5 would be fine” is just your/our own ignorance. Stop doing that. You do realise even if G5 is fine the first month, the next update it’s all gone and you keep playing keep buying keep hoping, the second year, then the second cycle, the clear pattern keeping your hopes on hook… What, they are treating us like we are addicts? Based on what? Connection with Meehikan cartels? That money you want to dive in? Ok, but don’t call yourself Gearsheads then because you don’t even remember what COG Canons were…

Because of that, Rod and the crew are now constantly shifting the target audience (Pop, Tactics), they just need new victims who are unaware. It’s not about Gears anymore it’s basically the broken product sold on previous legendary hype fed on many thing I’ve already mention here and in between the lines… Do yourself a favour, there’s an easy fix and it’s called - uninstall and don’t look back. Or play in LAN only. Think straight man.

I’m done here.