Connection lost during lobby load and I received a quitters penelty?

Hey forum!

So, last night I booted up Gears 4 and decided to play a few matches of 2v2 before bed to make some progress on my RE-UP 10 for Gilded RAAM.

My first match went smoothly enough (besides the fact that we got stomped. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but when in the lobby and voting for the map during my second match, the lobby dissolved and I got a pop-up saying something along the lines of “The connection to the game was lost”. When I tried to re-queue, another pop-up informed me that one or more players in my party had received a matchmaking ban for quitting and since I was playing alone, it was obviously me.

I’m fairly certain my internet didn’t spaz out because I was hanging out in party with a few friends while they played Apex and we were chatting the entire time this happened.

I also never quit games. Like, ever. Even when I’m gripping the controller in frustration because I’m the last person on my team and I have to keep taking beat downs from a full squad that scared the rest of my team away, I endure.

I’m not upset or anything but I am curious as to why this happened and would like to know if there’s anything I can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I don’t want lobby drops to affect my record on quitting, particularly after the big changes to those penalties recently.

I really appreciate any feedback I can get here and I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my post. With that I hope you’re all having a wonderful morning (or afternoon, Hi UK!) and that your day goes well.


Game is broken, been happening to everyone and TC hasn’t addressed it

Nope, have fun with your ban lol


And that is the sad reality of it.

Not to worry, young one! You now have the pleasure of being able to infinitely stare at J.D.’s face on the menu! I’ve heard rumours he sometimes winks, watch for it.

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I think their solution is to deal with it because going back to fix it would require too much time. just make an alternate account to get around that