Connection Issues with gears of war

cant play with any teams, invites put you in a loop of “processing invite”. then you have to close the app and restart it to be stuck in the lobby in a loop saying “connecting to gears of war services” and multiple similar errors pop up in the lobby, cant accept invites and it goes on this for 30 minutes, and stops and then happens again. having this issue happen to my entire party that im playing with so i know its not my connection and its a problem with the severs. it also happens at the same time to my friends, and party members typically around 12-3 pm maybe a spike in the server load causing the issue?

please like this thread so the team can address this issue and see its happening to many people


For further updates, please go here;

thats for madden not gears of war?

They don’t list all the games with issues. Consider certain online services affected until this is resolved.