Connection issue - advice?

Not sure if this belongs on gears forums but everyone seems fairly knowledgeable, What will eat up my WiFi speed while playing gears? I usually sit at 24-30 but have been having mad issues recently with my ping hitting 1100 for about 5 mins. Then I end up losing a round because I’ve basically been out of action for ages. So what would you reckon it would be, other people in the house streaming something or just them being connected. Never been a problem till the last few weeks. Also I recognise this is my second post today haha, will give it a break after this.

My best guesses below.

Potentially, especially if someone is torrenting and hasn’t limited their uploads. Also noting is that 24-30 (I presume megabits) probably refers do your download speed, not your upload speed. Download speed isnt always the culprit.

Wifi can be unstable, especially if it has interference (which may be the case as it seems odd for 5 minutes straight of that kind of issue). It also could be an issue with your router.

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Always go Ethernet if you can.

Wi-Fi suffers from interference so anything could cause the signal to lose quality.

Either that or get a really good router with ac Wi-Fi but not much more you can do.


Good friend of mine is a networking specialist for a rather large utility company. He says if you can plug something in - then do it.