Connection Interruption every 10 minutes

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone can help me. I am hard wired and get connection interruptions every 10-15 minutes of playing multiplayer (custom or versus) where all the characters start running into walls for 20 seconds and the connection interruption symbol appears. It then refreshes and I am usually dead and the game continued. This interruption only happens with gears 5 and no other game and it appears to consistently be every 10-12 minutes for approximately 20 seconds. It has become extremely annoying.

I have tried hard reset of the console, resetting my router completely, took out the ethernet cable and put it back in etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Why just interruptions with Gears 5 and no other game?

Thanks in advance!

Scenario 1: If your connectiing a Router to an ISP Modem router then you may have a Wireless overlap. when two or more routers transmit on the same channel, they slow each other down and cause unstable connections.
Solution: Set your 3rd party router as an Access point and that should clear the issue.

Scenario 2: Lag Spike or Wireless interference.
Solution: Update your firmware on your router if you haven’t already or Move your router from any other electronics.

Scenario 3: Gears 5 servers are just butt cheeks.
Solution: Take a break when the spiking is overbearing.

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I restarted seversl times after more than five minutes of "Connecting to online services "