Congratulations TC you ruined the Snipers

I noticed my sniper shots in Horde/Escape are not going where they are intended and hitting the enemy below the crosshair or above it not landing where I’m aiming which is the head and I noticing it alot with DeeBee’s in particular. Fix this now

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what are you talking about? I can do a wave 1 frenzy real quick to check but Marksman was fine for me, anything I didn’t hit was kinda on me.


Yeah I missed a few shots but this is literally me on average for Horde
doesn’t feel different at all
also note these are all DBs…


I’ve been noticing it. I’m a very good shot and the bullets are not going where they’re intended. They either fly over their head or hitting them below the neck.

I mostly have this issue with DBs. Of course it doesn’t help when I’m tired and not aiming as well as I should be, but when I have shots that look like they’re lined up for the head that then hit anywhere but the head it makes me wonder what is the issue there. Feels like there’s either funky stuff going on with the aim assist or TCs bullet dispersion that has no place in PvE is making shots that should hit miss.

I think the OP6 update bugged the bullet trajectory on DeeBee’s because I haven’t noticed it much with Swarm enemies. I need to do more testing tomorrow


I knew I wasn’t seeing things. This is exactly what I’m experiencing as well 1589463408373


Weird, I played Mechanic with the Embar a bunch of times on The Malfunction and haven’t noticed it once. Maybe it’s related the Longshot AND Deebees? My friend was mainly using the Markza on them as Nomad and hadn’t complained either.

I played a 50-wave Horde as Marksman and didn’t notice anything that bad.

The Longshot has never really worked for me in this game to be honest.

It’s been great in every game and now suddenly I’m missing regular/easy shots.

It can’t all be down to me ageing ungracefully.

Im not crazy about the newer longshots, UE is my favorite longshot, feels strong and that headshot sound.

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Definitely agree with you there. Nothing has bested that OG Headshot sound.

Its funny that UE is the one game that i still get startled from getting headshot, I never wear my headphones fully on partly because of UE lol

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Hmmm I haven’t seen that one happen yet.

I’ve been noticing this now, too, obvious headshots on DR-1s not counting as headshots. Also, I’m seeing grenadiers I headshot with x-ray somehow lose their helmets but not die, which should be basically impossible, no?

I’ve also found out now it’s not just snipers but other weapons as well when you try to shoot at critical points on DeeBee’s. I’ve tried it with a Lancer GL on a Reject’s exposed power core but the bullets went to the lower torso area instead of the power core which is where I was aiming for.

I prefer this

This is bizarre to me man
I’ve played quite a bit of Marsman recently and I’ve always gotten my yellow indicator for hs/crit dmg
Not sure whats happening in that clip

This has been getting on my nerves since OP6 released. Love Nomad, always been my preferred class. In Online horde frenzy, I play Nomad. Shoot Shepherds or DB-1’s in the head. No critical. Aim like 2 or 3 cm above their heads, critical hit. Aim too high, miss the shot. Makes Consecutive Shot almost useless if you get DeeBee waves.

I wish everyone would run into this bug, because I feel like it’s going unnoticed, and probably won’t be fixed. This bug is ruining Nomad/Marksman for me. REALLY hope TC catches wind of this and fixes this ■■■■ asap.