Congrats Developers! Still alot of bugs and fixes to be done

Hello to my favorite Developers…,
First off I want to congratulate you all on one helluva story… You guys did such magnificent work story-wise, graphical , and combat changes it was such an awesome story all the way to the beginning to the end and I want to say thank you for going above and beyond the story it really made me very emotional and I haven’t felt that way since Gears 2 and 3. Now … with that being said I have been extremely disappointed with ALOT of connection issues and freezes with the game on single/Coop campaign, Horde, Escape and Versus and im going to categorize them in order.

  1. Campaign: Checkpoints/Saving content actually froze up the game around 5 to 6 times within towards the end of the campaign both in single and coop. In Coop Del would freeze or lag or be stuck waist deep in the map layout which ended up getting me killed and repeating the same scenarios over and over again with my friend until i had to back all the way out of the game and quit it then come back in 5min later. Also enemies and characters that triggered the next scene would disappear and the game would be on a loop until I quit the game.

2: Versus: Getting kicked from a match, At the end of the match my results not showing up which results an error code popping up. Character spotting as an a enemy character is not moving from the position that their in but instead somehow still shooting and killing me when I look at the kill cam they are standing right in front of me when they were invisible and thier character is standing somewhere else.

  1. Horde: Its almost the same as versus in the results not showing up after every tenth wave and the error code popping up. In horde mode I have a suggestion of locking characters after 30 secs. Instead of getting the notification of someone having duplicate characters as I have and having 30 secs to change it or it does it for me… that hardly seems fair if you are playing with randoms because you really don’t get to choose who you want to have, as far as play-style. Also I’ve been kicked during a round several times in horde mode.

  2. Escape: I haven’t had many problems with this but what I do have a problem with is the lack of ammo in it which I understand the mind concept behind it but if you are playing escape with randoms or with a friend and they hog all of the ammo and don’t leave you any this mode is not fun and pretty much unplayable and then when I do get ammo there would only be 4 shots in it against a scion and even picking up their ammo there would only be 1 to 10 shots left in it pending on the weapon they have.

Escape 2: The map creator is pretty awesome and really simple to use…but with the lack of ammo and AI spawning in invisible and other AI are already getting triggered 3 sections in from the chapter start before you get in the area… it really makes it hard to complete the map you created so you can publish it, and just wave after wave of Horde just spawning in and you constantly getting attacked no matter how many weapon pickups you have… It needs work. My friend and I played my map I created like five times without knowing about the lack of ammo and the AI spawning and the AI getting triggered so fast… He was PTSD about COD Nazi zombies lol… But this needs work seriously.

                             Thank you developers!!!!