Confused on new Achievement

For one of the new achievements coming up in June, the ‘Longshot Mastery’ one it says to get three hat-trick ribbons using only the longshot.

What I’m confused on is if headshots you got previously with say the Gnasher are counted beforehand. What I mean by that is let’s say you get a Gnasher headshot then pick up snipe and you get the three headshots. The ribbon will be awarded to you on the second kill. Will this count towards the achievement given that you still got three headshots? If not I think it’s pretty dumb that you’ll need to reset the ribbon manually by yourself and it should be changed if that’s the case.

you need 10 hat trick ribbons, and 2 super ribbons. I think it’s gonna be locked to the longshot

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I worded it badly on my part so I just want to know if you follow me. So you get a Gnasher headshot then get three more headshots with snipe so four in total. The ribbon will be rewarded to you on your second kill with snipe (i.e the third headshot). I was just wondering if even if you got the three headshots with snipe would you get progress towards the achievement? Because if you’re only using snipe after the Gnasher headshot you’d need to get five headshots to get the ribbon if you don’t reset it by say bodying someone with Gnasher which I think is a bit stupid

good question, i didnt understand after you’re 1st post.

i guess we’ll have to try to not get headshots with any other gun while going for this. it’ll probably mess up the progress somehow

Hopefully we’ll get some clarification on this because if that’s the case people might be afraid of going for kills before picking up snipe in case they accidentally get a headshot


I would think it would recognize the three because a Hat Trick is any weapon but it’s designated to be a Longshot on the achievement. I am guessing they’re not fully basing it off the ribbon because the ribbon is multi-weapon.

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Let’s hope that’s the case so it’s not much harder than it needs to be

It’s fine. You can get a headshot with shotgun and then 3 in a row with longshot. It’ll count.