Confirmed?: Classic Horde Option Available in OP5, But Mysteriously Removed Soon After

It’s finally here, for those that wanted it. You can choose Classic Horde from the Horde Menu, which features no fabricator, no classes. 12 Waves though, so I’m guessing Frenzy style.


Holy ■■■■


Woo hoo!!! I wonder if this will help with my nerf monger induced nausea


Shame I’m still working :sob::sob::sob:.

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Finally, yes

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I was surprised to see this when i loaded up the game. It’s a great idea but on early inpressions, needs some work. Without the fabricator it would be nice to have weapon pick ups on the map other than what gets dropped. That’s how classic horde was. Then there’s the issue of ammo. Ammo boxes are a bit stingy so it promotes the long game of waiting for ammo boxes to respawn to fill up boomshot etc and that was the absolute worst thing about classic horde.
Also having robots in there detracts from the classic feel.

Hope to see this playlist option develop and maybe get stats of its own and a custom option.



I guess it’s a nice bone for the nostalgic purists, but sorry, personally Horde style from 2009 is borrrrriiiiiing. Although, if they were gonna do this then they should’ve brought back the Boomshield.


At least it’s something for change. At least nobody would complain about “Marcus taking all the kills.” Or certain class Lol


That’s nice, but until TC lets us use Locust skins in PvE, I don’t give a hoot.

And it’s gone.

Side note: kinda wanted Clayton to say “POWER THIS B*TCH UP! (Gears 3 Silverback voice line)” when using Lizzie’s ult. He does not.

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Its no longer showing for me, anyone else ?

Maybe its another one of those things they accidentally added and was going to be added next op?

It still being worked on so that why it not there but the mode will return soon.

They really went all out this Op.

It was removed. Wtf

Edited the title of the thread.

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Hmm it might have been planned as a a special event.

Damn it. I thought you meant as in Locust Horde for a minute there.


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Im for it. Ive been saying this since 4. All this grinding and leveling up stuff seems deep and strategic on the surface, but in reality all the fortifications undermine Gears greatest strength (gameplay) and turn it into a boring shooting Gallery where everyone has to stick to one funneled role.

I mean ask yourself: how much fun is it really to only be able to specialize in a couple of weapons while having to watch some other dudes turrets do all the work anyway? How much fun is it ignoring the entire map while having to huddle in one tiny zone the entire time start to finish?

This is a welcome change that will also eliminate all the quitting for insert reasons.


This is from @TC_MichaelAOS in another thread:

“It went out a little earlier than we intended. It will be back soon with proper rewards associated with it. Glad you had fun.”