Conection is fine until i go near a 150ms+ player. Makes me rubberband like crazy

SO here every single time in this match and nearly every other match I have too. conection feels fine and smooth the further away from players I am, as soon as I approached this guy every single time this stuff would happen to me. It’s almost unplayable.

And again rocking 300Mb down, 20Mb up, wired, open ports.

Issues being, super speed zooming towards me with almost naked to to they eye bouncing I tank a shot that he shouldn’t have even been able to get had the conections been good and then he makes me lag bag inside the doorway and throws me off completely

I have been seeing a lot of this lately but it’s becoming even more common ever since Season 5 started. We dealt with quite a few 200ms and above players who would cause this same stuff to happen and in all honesty it feels like cheating because it’s negatively affecting the low pings while being advantageous to the high ping.

MP is working as intended according to the staff here…

Right @anon86589457 @TC_Octus?
Proof posted everyday, and in months not one response except that it works properly.

I don’t think multiple people posting video evidence daily supports your claim


completely unfair. seriously not looking forward to this sh*t in gow 5 if the netcode hasn’t been altered in anyway

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