Concept Horde Class That I Made Up For Fun: Satellite Officer

The Hammer of Dawn is one of my favorite weapons in the Gears franchise (and in gaming) and it sucks that it’s only available in campaign for a short segment.

I know that the Hammer of Dawn probably will never return to Horde in Gears 5, but I decided to come up with something fun.


I don’t really know what group this class fits under. I tried to give it lots of variety of cards (more support like) but it also is kind of tanky and does a lot of damage too. It’s probably horrendously unbalanced (see next 2 paragraphs)

At first I was going to try to balance this class for Escape as well, but I realized that there wouldn’t be any point. The Hammer of Dawn wouldn’t work in Escape, and it probably would not be added to preexisting Escape maps even if it was added to the mode. Besides, we already have Jack being a Horde-only class. I am also aware that the Hammer of Dawn would not work on indoor maps…but maybe it could anyways, I mean…the Demolitions can call in an artillery strike indoors… :slight_smile:

Finally, I am not sure what kind of damage would be appropriate for the Hammer of Dawn in the first place or it’s ammo capacity. I would love it if someone could give me some numbers to work with, like 4000 initial impact / 1000 per second while being hit by the beam. I assume it would be relatively unchanged from the previous games in which you could fire the beam to full duration about two times (so like 5 seconds of firing time) before running out of ammo, or like 4 just impacting the beam on the ground for splash damage. So just keep this in mind I don’t really know how to balance things properly and this will probably reflect in some cards being too strong or too weak.

I am not good with names, so if anyone has a better name for this imaginary class or the cards, do post down below!

I figure Prescott or Hoffman would make good characters for the class to be tied to since in the lore they held activation keys for the Hammer of Dawn. I know characters aren’t tied to classes anymore, but I like throwing this in anyways.


Utilizing the Hammer of Dawn, the Satellite Officer burns away the enemy with precise, orbital strikes.

Starting weapons: Lancer, Hammer of Dawn designator, Snub, no grenades.

Ultimate: Deploy a Hammer of Dawn Command Center building that allows you to call down a much more powerful beam. The beam can be fired in 5 second intervals and always takes 1 second to wind up, unlike the hand-held designator which can take anywhere from 2-7 beeps before it actually fires, if Im remembering correctly from the earlier games. 300 second cooldown.

The ultimate would have 2x larger impact splash. The beam would be about 3x as wide as a normal Hammer of Dawn beam and do 2x damage without cards. It would last for 20 seconds without cards before self-destructing, the timer counting down from placement.

Like the Mechanic’s turret or Pilot’s Silverback, anyone can use it but only the Satellite Officer will benefit more with their perks. This allows you to sweep an entire lane (River) or burn a single enemy (a warden who is busy trying to get through your electric wire). Like the Hammer of Dawn command center from Gears of War 3 RAAM’s Shadow you would get a bird’s eye view of the map and you could strike down targets with impunity.

The ultimate, again like the Mechanic’s turret or Silverback, the ultimate ends prematurely if the Command Center is destroyed, but it does not end if the player is downed or killed.

Passive: You are immune to damage from your own Hammer of Dawn attacks

I figure this is best so you don’t kill yourself with your own ultimate or Hammer of Dawn strikes if you need to use it up close.


Ammo Regen (100% @ level 10), Health (50% @ level 10), Cooldown on Kill (15 seconds reduction @level 10), Damage (50% @ level 10)

I figure this is ideal. Ammo regen to get Hammer of Dawn ammo back. Health for a bit more tankiness, Cooldown on kill I wanted some way to make the ultimate come back faster but without being as strong as Feedback Boost or straight up Cooldown reduction, and damage to make you a bit more useful outside of using the Hammer of Dawn.

CARDS (I tried to follow how most classes distribute their cards each level in terms of rarity)

Level 1: Score Boost Green/common rarity (same as everyone elses)

Level 2: Satellite Capacity Green/common rarity. Hammer of Dawn ammo capacity increased by 25%, 20% per level, maxing out at 115% at level 6)

Level 3: Efficient Cooling Green/common rarity. Fire the Hammer of Dawn for 10% longer before needing to stop, 10% per level, maxing out at 35% at level 6)

Level 4: Wider Lens Green/common rarity. Hammer of Dawn beam width increased by 10%. Affects ultimate. 10% per level, maxing out at 60% at level 6.

Level 5: Face Melter Blue/rare rarity. Hammer of Dawn Beams that hit the heads of enemies causes burn status for 5% of damage dealt. 5% per level, maxing out at 30% at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 6: Empowering Beam Green/common rarity. While firing the Hammer of Dawn, take 7% less damage. 7% per level, maxing out at 35% at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 7: Targeting AI Blue/rare rarity. Hammer of Dawn has 10% less windup before firing. 10% per level, maxing out at 60% at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 8: Torrent of Energy Green/common rarity. Hammer of Dawn beam slows target(s) being struck by 7.5%. 7,5% per level, maxing out at 45%.

Level 9: Disorienting Blast Blue/rare rarity. Hammer of Dawn initial impact stops enemies from attacking for 1 second, but does not prevent movement (similar to a shock grenade). 0.5s per level, maxing out at 3.5 seconds at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 10: Siphoning Strikes Purple/epic rarity. While dealing damage with the Hammer of Dawn, generate 10 stim per second. 12 more stim per level, maxing out at 70 stim per second at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 11: Crater Maker Blue/rare rarity. Initial impact blast radius increased by 10%. 5% per level, maxing out at
35% at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 12: Bring It Down Purple/epic rarity. Hammer of Dawn beam does 5% more damage for each target(s) being struck every second, capping at 100% for the current beam. 5% more per level, maxing out at 30% at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 13: Keep 'Em Coming Blue/rare rarity. Ultimate duration increased by 0.25s for every kill, Command Center has 20% more health. 0.25s and 20% more health each level, maxing out at 1.5 seconds per kill and 120% Command Center health at level 6.

Level 14: Epic Score Boost Purple/epic rarity. Same as all the other ones.

Level 15: Equalizer Legendary/gold rarity. Ultimate leaves a damaging AoE on impact/trail during beam that does 1000 damage per second. It disappears after 3 seconds. +300 damage per second and 0.3s duration per level, maxing out at 2500 damage per second and 4.5s duration. Cannot stack on a single location, it will only refresh the duration.

Level 16: Shieldbreaker Blue/rare rarity. Hammer of Dawn can damage enemies through Bastion shields, dealing 25% of normal damage. 7% per level, maxing out at 60% damage through shield at level 6.

Level 17: Bright Impact Purple/epic rarity. Hammer of Dawn initial blast marks all enemies caught in it for 2 seconds. +1 second per level, maxing out at 7 seconds. Affects ultimate.

Level 18: Morning Star Legendary/gold rarity. At the end of the beam’s duration, trigger another explosion just like the initial impact that deals half damage and also triggers any other effects that may result of equipped cards at half strength. 5% more damage and card effects per level, maxing out at 75%. Affects ultimate.

Level 19: Stabilized Output Purple/epic rarity. Hammer of Dawn impacts and beam cause 55% less screen shake for you and allies. 10% per level, maxing out at 95% at level 6. Affects ultimate.

Level 20: Heroic Venom Hammer of Dawn

So…please do comment. YES I am aware this is horribly unbalanced probably. Also if you have any cards or mechanics of any aspects of the class that you would replace or alter or change the name of do let comment below! I’d love to hear it. But for now, this fun little side project I wrote from 3-5AM is done and I need to sleep, I’ll read your replies soon


Not a bad concept but before discussing anything else, the Hammer of Dawn would be too powerful to be a starting weapon.

It would be the Ultimate and nothing else.


All of the skill card ideas focus on the HOD (aside from score boost ones) which make this class very one dimensional and promotes limited styles of play.

My view of a balanced class is one which is adaptable to the point players can take at least 2 different approaches. I think it needs a few cards which give buffs to another weapon, and other qualities. Maybe the HOD ultimate can only be dropped on marked enemies similar to the Demolition’s Artillery Strike, so you could have some skills which enable you to mark multiple enemies easily.

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I like people talking the Suggestion for a New Class.

I think Ammo Capacity can be :50
Damage Output:Since there’s No Active Reload, so 4000-5000 initial impact is Reasonable and 1000 per second is a bit low when you imagine that HOD in GOW 3.
Buying Price (Suggested):10,000

I said it before, which is “Commander” to suit either Prescott or Hoffman.

Too Strong, it broke the Balance when you can commit Suicide for Full Lockers of HoD.

Start up Weapons can be:Lancer, Scorcher, Snub

You don’t know how to make Cards. It’s clearly broke the Meta & Balance. How come all of the Cards are related to HoD ? It’s not reasonable.

Tha would be a fun class
And his hammer start is OP
As an ultimate sure

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My Suggestion to this Class (Commander):

Passive:Kill 6 Enemies & there will drop a Supply Box (Blue Ammo Box) to your Base / near you within 5M

Ultimate:600 seconds CD

  • 8 Seconds duration

  • 1 initial hit (7500 Damage) & then cause Burning (50% of HoD Base Damage) + HoD Base Damage for All Self-Marked Enemies (Interrogation is not Worked)

Perks:Airdrop Supplies, Health, Cooldown per kill, Burning Damage

  • Airdrop Supplies - your Supply Box will be bigger and bigger - at Lv 10 - you’re able to Get 2 Explosive Ammo & 30% of your Normal Ammo

  • Health - as usual

  • Cooldown per Kill - as Tactician

  • Burning Damage - Your Burning Damage will increase from 5% to 50% at max


Lv 1 Score Card Common (Green)

Lv 2 Ammo Regen (Green) - Your Ammo can regen by 5% up to 30% at Lv 6

Lv 4 “Longer Cooldown, Longer Duration” (Green) - The Ultimate Cooldown increase from 23%, but your Duration also increase 30% at max

Lv 6 “The Hammar of Stun” (Blue) - Your Ultimate can do 2 seconds up to 7 seconds stunning no matter what Enemies

Lv 8 “Custom Scorcher” (Blue) - The Scorcher increase Damage from 30% & Active 30% at Max

Lv 10 “Stick Together” (Blue) - If you have 2 Teammates or more within 5 Metres, you have 32% Damage Resistance at max

Lv12 “Cooperative Marking” (Purple) - You can do 30% of the Total Damage at max by Teammates marked Enemies

Lv12 “Cheaper Weapon” (Blue) - You have 32% Discounts at max for buying Weapon

Lv 14 “Score Card Epic” (Purple)

Lv 14 “Venom Supply Box” (Blue) - Your Supply Box has 2 Explosive Ammo & 30% of the Normal Ammo at Max

Lv 16 “Let’s do it” (Gold) - Increase all Damage for all Teammates & yourself within 5 Metres by 30% at max

Lv 18 “Custom Hammer of Dawn” (Gold) - It increases the Damage by 30% & 30% of Capacity at max

Lv 19 “The End” (Gold) - The Ultimate Burning Range of Hammer of Dawn can splash from 5M to 20M

Why are people so obsessed with the HoD? For a weapon that brought humanity to near extinction it sure as hell was weak in every single iteration during gameplay. Not to mention that handling was and still is absolutely awful.

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The weapon that doesn’t work indoors is great!

Great concept tbh but I feel the HOD would always work best as an ultimate. The way it worked in 4 was honestly pretty fine with me.

If it were implemented in 5 though I feel like a couple enemies would need a substantial buff so they don’t just get folded in one hit.