[CONCEPT] Gears 5 Charater Pack: Crash Bandicoot?

Hey there, ever since I saw the character pack for Terminator Dark Fate, I was like “Would The Coalition(TC) do a Crash Bandicoot character pack for Gears 5?” If so, would Activision be on board with it? Who knows, The Coalition is capable is just about anything.

if you never even heard of Crash Bandicoot, you can look it up. Also, I’m, referring to the HD re-release.

Question: Would you favor a Crash Bandicoot character pack or would you oppose it?

If you favor it what abilities would the characters have? I’ve thought some up myself for Horde Mode?

Good guys

Name Ultimate Ability Ability description Skill cards to improve character ability Passive Ability (arcade versus mode) Passive Ability description
Crash Bandicoot Aku-Aku Barrier Deploy an invincibility barrier for 60 seconds with the use of Aku Aku. Any enemy that touches the barrier will be killed instantly. Or take away a good portion of a boss’s health in exchange that the skill ends early. Skill cards would include; kills extending the duration and shortens cooldown, unleashing a magical nova on activation, and even automatically activating Aku-Aku Barrier if Crash is DBNO. Spin Attack Crash spins around and fires his weapon in hand. If Crash has a Lancer, he can rev up the chainsaw and spin around.
Coco Bandicoot Mass Hack Hacks all DeeBees to target Swarm enemies or each other. Will not work on Swarm enemies. Skill cards would include; be able to hack Kestrels, self destruct all DeeBees on command, increased health and damage for all hacked DeeBees and immunity to friendly fire. Fast Healing Coco heals faster than normal. She can heal twice as fast if she’s in cover, she also moves faster than normal Coco can also use lower cover
Crunch Bandicoot Ground-Pound Stun enemies with a robot fist to the ground. Skill cards would include; immunity to allies better range, longer stun duration and to freeze all enemies in the stunning range. Damage Resistance Crunch can take double the damage from all sources. He can also deal double the damage but can only use low cover
Aku Aku Mass Hypnotize Hypnotize Swarm enemies to fight for your team It does not work on DeeBees. Skill cards would include; being able to hypnotize Scions and Swarm bosses, increased health for hypnotized Swarm enemies and immunity to friendly fire. Invisibility field Aku-Aku can turn anyone within a field invisible

Bad guys

Name Ultimate Ability Ability description Skill cards to improve character ability Passive Ability (arcade mode) Passive Ability description
Dr. N. Gin Mech Deployment Call down N. Gin’s mech and lay waste to the Swarm and DeeBees for 60 seconds. Skill cards would include; improved mech weapons, improved mech armor, automated turrets, and an automation mode that lasts for 15 seconds after N. Gin exits the mech. Overdrive Mode Gain four kills without DBNO to activate Overdrive Mode; While in Overdrive Mode N. Gin gains double health, deals double damage and moves twice as fast and all movement is silent
Dr. N. Cortex Orbital Strike Call down an orbital strike from a modified Cortex Vortex that acts as a laser cannon. Skill cards would include; improved cooldown and auto-target all enemies. Start with Blaster Neo Cortex starts with his Blaster rather than the MX8 Snub Pistol. Blaster has infinite ammo but can overheat.
Nefarious Tropy Time Freeze All enemies are frozen in time for 90 seconds. Skill cards would include; kills in Time Freeze extends the duration, enemies killed in Time Freeze can Time Freeze other enemies, and instant cooldown for achieving a number of kills in Time Freeze. Time Slow Press LB to slow down time akin to E.P.O.H’s Overdrive N. Tropy can move faster, lasts for 30 seconds outside of cover and 60 seconds in cover.
Nitrous Brio Monster Form Transform N. Brio into his monster form and rampage for 120 seconds in this form N. Brio has ten times his base health to the point where only bosses can do real damage to him. Skill cards would include; kills in Monster Form externs duration, and instant cooldown for a certan number of kills in Monster Form Self Revive When DBNO N. Brio can self revive by drinking a special beaker filled with a red healing potion, also is given four tines the normal health for 60 seconeds
Pinstripe Potoroo Mob Sight Pinstripe uses aimbot to aim for the head and automatically fires on every enemy in his “Mob Sight” and all weapons currently equipped have bottomless mags but in exchange sustained fire can cause your weapon to jam. It lasts for 90 seconds. Skill cards would include; less prone to jam under sustained fire, no overheating for heavy weapons (Mulcher, Tri-shot, Cryo Cannon), kills while in Mob Sight extend the duration, instant cooldown for achieving a certain number of kills, see and shoot enemies through walls, and triple damage while in Mob Sight. Deadeye Crosshair is always present strong auto-aim when zoomed in and sustained fire does not affect weapon accuracy and crosshair will not bloom out
Tiny Tiger Lion Stampede Tiny Tiger summons half a dozen tigers to attack and maul the enemy. Skill cards would include; added tigers and tigers can make enemies attack them instead of you and your team. Weapon specialist Tiny Tiger deals more damage with all weapons, deals double damage with all heavy weapons and deals double melee damage.
Uka-Uka Energy Beam Uka-Uka fires a constant energy bean that would instantly kill any enemy it comes into contact with the beam Skill cards would include; kills extend the duration and instant cooldown for achieving x amount of kills with the Energy Beam. Damage Boost Uka-Uka generate a field anyone inside it receives a damage boost

What do you think of my idea?
Also, what are some of your character pack concepts?
PS. I’d love to see Crash with a Lancer.

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You’ve clearly got too much spare time on you hands. The duration of your abilities are far too generous for a start, the Tc would never allow that. Plus the thought of the Rng grind of horde cards with 11 new characters , thats a no from me.
All this content for the reasonable price of “£60” with 3 days boost trown in as an incentive.
Don’t give them any more great ideas for f##k’s sake…


Ok, how about I scale back the duration? Cut the duration in half and I’m sure the owners of Crash Bandicoot won’t mind since they should branch out to other genres?

I can even go over some achievements with the new charaters.

Achievement Achievement type To Unlock Gamerscore Value
Chainsaw Spinner Normal As Crash in Arcade Mode, perform a Spin Attack using the Lancer’s chainsaw bayonet 50GS
Glory Hog Normal As N. Tropy in Arcade Mode, activate Time Slow and achieve MVP 25GS
Know Your Character: N. Tropy Rare As N. Tropy in Horde Mode - use your time manipulation powers and achieve 50 kills in Time Freeze in a single Horde match 100GS
Know your Character: Pinstripe Potoroo Rare As Pinstripe Potoroo in Horde Mode become made and keep Mob Sight going for two and a half minutes and achieve 50 enemies kills 300GS

Also even if TC allowed that what would the reaction be from players?

Gotta admit, when I clicked on this thread I thought it was going to be a joke thread.

I love Crash Bandicoot and that, but it really doesn’t seem to fit in to the Gears universe.

You’ve clearly worked hard to come up with everything, so well done for that but I very highly doubt it would ever happen.

Only a gears of war newbie would think it was ok to add this kind of crap. There’s nothing wrong with crash bandicoot but putting it in gears of war would be dumb as f###.

Let’s add mario and I’d love to play as a T. rex or sonic the hedgehog…gtf outta here.

I’d like to think he was taking the p1$$…

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That’s $h1t load of effort for him to be taking the p1$$ imo. But, then again you get some crazy people.

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Yeah I would like to think it’s a joke as well but the amount of detail and the length of the post suggests otherwise…

It’s either an embarrassing piece of crap idea lol or a really funny joke. If it is a joke I hold my hands up for taking it seriously and it is really funny especially with the detailed description etc


Well, it’s something that TC and Activision could work on together, also I was talking about the HD re-release

I’m not even interacting in this conversation after this reply. It has to be a joke. Maybe they could add crash characters to fifa and the last of us as well…it would look cool lmao

No joke, I’m serious.


I commend you for your work of actually having to think of this stuff and attempt to flesh it out with working abilities and such.

Like I wouldnt go into detail for a pack or character not in GOW Universe I would only detail a GOW universe character.

Uh, thanks for the commendation.

What are your thoghts of my route of fleshing out the charaters?