Concept Characters

Last image was just something that would be extremely cool to have, hopefully a spin-off title
Credit for the creators of the images but can also be directed to me :smile:


that delmont winter armor looks so clean, I like the first head for him, with the googles. hes channeling his inner Baird.

Im not sure how to feel about the Anya though…

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this would be my main, second and third character

Would like to see an HD version before I make a final decision

Dels new look though is fire, I like his armor quite a bit. the new armor in 5 is a vast upgrade from 4s which Ik they tried to go for a slimmer look but the bulky armor is iconic. its gotta stay, but im glad the size 732 boots are gone lol.

Lizzies concept art though… :hot_face:

Gears Declassified - Latest on #GearsofWar on Twitter: "Elizabeth "Lizzie" Carmine  concept art by Kev Chu, Lead Concept Artist at The Coalition. #Gears5… "

ArtStation - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Carmine, Kev Chu


TC should give him some Timbs

a proper New Yorker lol.

The 4th one is the best, other than that she always looks the same to me

you can tell the artist took alot of Clayton inspiration in the art.

helmet wise

from da Bronx lmao

I do like how vibrant the tones are ( in Lizzie)

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they nailed her armor for sure, I didnt think I would like her so much but she just has alot of personality and man her potential…

Gears of War on Twitter: "Be the support, son. The badass NCOG Marines are  back in their featured Gear Pack this weekend in Gears of War 4.… "

I hope the papa of Lizzie and Gary wears this helmet.

this variant imo is severely underused and tbh its so nice. I prefer it over Anthonys tbh.

Have you seen Lahnis concept “”“art”""? That one was interesting, to say the least.

This is who I think of when you say Lizzie has potential

Lahni Concept Art : GearsOfWar

I really like the 4th version.

Lmao that second character looks like someone’s self insert, christ :rofl:

Not that one. The sketches of the head. You know em when you see em. These also look terrible though.

She looks like she’ll constantly be smelling like weed


I mean… she did something cool though. Anthony didnt do squat except say “nah”
and Ben as much as I love him he was just a child.

and Gary with his “WHY WONT YOU LOVE ME!”

She grenade-tagged a Snatcher right next to the Engine of her truck. Insanely stupid is more fitting.


I think I see the heads and yeah… they are a bit strange.

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Umm no, if he hadn’t pointed out the “jamming” issue with the Lancer it would’ve never gotten fixed

which makes you feel for him more :relieved: