[CONCEPT] Character Pack: Classic Delta

The idea for this character pack is that it will bring in members of the classic Delta Squad from Gears 1-3 that we all know and love.

Damon Baird
Skins: Default (Gears 5 armor), Classic (Gears 1-2 armor), Gears 3
Horde Class: Engineer

Augustus “Cole Train” Cole
Skins: Default (Gears 5), Classic, Gears 3
Horde Class: Offense

Dominic “Dom” Santiago
Skins: Default (which would be the Classic skin in his case), Gears 3
Horde Class: Scout

Additional Content

Marcus Fenix
Skins: Classic, Gears 3

Yes, I realize that we would only be getting 3 characters as opposed to Operation 1’s 4. But these are all characters that almost everyone would want and enjoy. I’m not sure if I would make them playable in Escape, but definitely Horde and Versus. Ideally, TC would design their abilities to mesh very well together so that a full lobby of Delta Squad members could truly be a force to be reckoned with.

This character pack would also focus more heavily on skins, with there being 7 alternate skins in total. This also opens the door for further skins to be added later on for these characters. Such as Commando Dom, Judgement Baird (I actually was a fan of his armor design in that game), or Superstar Cole.

I wouldn’t even have an idea of where to begin when it comes to Ultimates, Passives, or Skill Cards. If you guys have any cool/fitting ideas feel free to chime in.

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I think Cole would work with a sort of hybrid skill set which mixes offence and scout, to homage his thrashball roots and his GOW2 entry cutscene (running in gunning Locusts down and Frag tagging the last one).

I mean, RPG’s sometimes do hybrid classes so I reckon TC coyld make it work.

Cole could combine a mixture of speed, health, grenade and Lancer boosting cards, but loses out on stealth (cos Cole is a noisy fecker) and lacks boosts to alternative weapons to balance him.


I really like the hybrid class idea. I had a hard time choosing between Scout and Offense for Cole so a mix of the 2 definitely makes sense

I’m pretty sure TC also said that they intend to adapt and mix up the skills for each “class”. So Baird’s version of an Engineer will be different from Del. I think there’s definitely room for them to use their imagination for future characters. Hopefully some of the future Heroes will deviate from the current roles!


That would be great! Can’t wait to see what they manage to come up with

I personally would love Cole as a Scout but that’s just because I play scout lol. As long as the “class” matches with the characters personality and style, I’m fine with all those

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After thinking about it a little more, I think Cole would definitely fit more into the Scout category with some elements of the Offense class. I think Dom would be the inverse (Primarily Offense with a dash of Scout)

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It would be interesting to see their Ultimates. Cole could possibly have the ultimate of getting all the agro with increased health/stim and since Dom has always supported his squad, maybe a ultimate to increase everyone’s DPS. I really hope TC puts alot of thought into the upcoming characters. I still want that damn Shepard in Horde though lol


Maybe as a homage to Thrashball, Cole’s Ultimate could involving him being invincible and able to roadie run which damages and stuns enemies - Drone size enemies get knocked into a DBNO state for a short time and large Scion size enemies are stunned for a few seconds? The length of the ability, we’re talking a short time - literally 4-6 seconds depending on upgrades. It’d be a bit like momentarily playing as the Berserker in GOW3 Beast mode, but obviously with a smaller character model!

This is balanced by the shortness of the ability, and it doesn’t kill enemies on the first run (except enemies who can’t go DBNO although it would be possible to plow through downed enemies) and as it’s short can leave Cole in a vulnerable location afterwards. It’s basically a crowd control ability which stuns enemies and helps team mates to hit stunned or DBNO targets.

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That’s not a bad idea either.

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Pack? As in we gotta pay for this content?

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Not necessarily. Ideally, these characters would come with a future Operation. Wishful thinking, I know lol

Alright but they gonna come anyway. Not sure what this concept stuff is for.

I would guess Baird might be Engineer, Cole might be Scout / Tank and Dom could be Support / Offense / Tank. Not sure.

Of course we’ll probably see Classic Marcus skin variant.


I guess it isn’t so much of a concept. More like predictions or things that we would want added to the game.