Comtroller mapping

Hi. I am trying to remap the button settings in G5. Controller setting is classic-alt. In the menu I am trying to change x into a and y into x (like Avexys told us in his video). But this does not work: Trying to change x into a… pushing a… the result is: b! No matter what I am doing. If I am trying to hold x to change y into x the game asks me if I want to put the settings back to standard. Need help… What am I doing wrong? Greetings.

Are your controller buttons set to default in the Xbox system controller settings?

If so, when remapping buttons in the game menu, are you selecting the button you want to remap with A, and then pressing the button you want to remap it to?

So where it says “X=X”, you select that line with A, then press A again to remap to A…hope that makes sense…and helps…

Thanks for the reply… going to check it out. :v: