Computer player Icon

Is there a pacific reason why the computer player Icon is back on? I don’t get it. What’s the point?


So console players can dodge the game when they see it :slight_smile:


I won’t dodge but it does save time checking. You gotta play different against pc players if you play them like they’re console players you will likely lose.


I think that is probably only true for M&K users. I play on a controller so its pretty much the same as playing on the new generation of consoles :3

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Yea that’s true. I don’t mind playing against pc controller players. I don’t mind too much playing the mouse and key players but you can’t play close range shotgun or compete with snipers etc. You gotta play for damage stay out of chunk range because the reaction time and they way they can move and shoot and 180 with so much precision there’s no competing with it.

Yes, it floated back up from the bottom of the sea.


Isn’t the pacific an ocean :wink:


So people can cry more about playing against pc players


If crossplay is here to stay so are the complaints :upside_down_face:

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would have been much better to know who is using mkb rather than just PC… am on PC and use a controller what makes my game any different from yours?



Other than a few frames probably not a lot. I don’t mind playing controller players. I prefer playing console players so I know for sure but I don’t mind playing pc controller players

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There are not advantages that cannot be done on console. You can plug a MKB to the xbox and now even with the new consoles they have higher fps from most pc. The people I see complaining about crossplay think that just for playing on pc you become an unstoppable god in the game

As a PS and PC player crossplay should always be in put based

This is true. I dodge anytime I see the computer icon. They are always gods and its unfair.


LuL it’s not enough for pc players to have massive PC Advantage. Now they’re going to cry because the PC symbol is back and they can no longer LARP as someone playing on an even playing field. What an odd group.


Name the advantages that cannot be also done on console

Aiming, sniping, moving, bouncing, strafing, typing, humping, shooting, etc…


PC Advantages:

  • Better framerates.

  • Better input latency.

  • Free online multiplayer so you never have to stop playing if you can’t afford Xbox Live Gold.

  • Macros.

  • M&K support that is actually responsive and that people actually use (since I know you PC players will respond with “LuL just use M&K on ur xbox”).

  • Remapping bounce to scroll wheel.

  • Faster in-game chat since you have a keyboard so you spend less time in comms.

  • Sniper rifle and Embar are auto-wins because it’s trivial to headshot on mouse.

  • USB mic support so you can use voice comms without having to buy expensive Xbox-branded peripherals that many cannot afford.

  • More graphical options to disable unnecessary things like motion blur and shadows that make it easier to see on PC.

  • Can overclock your entire rig and make all these benefits even better.

So now that I’ve proven PC Advantage beyond reasonable doubt, why don’t you just deal with having the PC icon?