Comprehensive Day 1 Character Skin List | Gears 4 Versus 5

So I’ve done something like this before, but in the past I just made a full list of all the skins that Gears 4 contained, as a comprehensive list at the end of its life-cycle. Since I believe one of Gears 5’s biggest problems is content–I’d like to show you a comparison of skins available in Gears 4 on launch relative to Gears 5.

If there are problems to this list, let me know. I’ve already caught Zombie Dom, and Vintage JD that are missing, too lazy as I just finished, but if anyone is in here that isn’t supposed to be, or is supposed to be–please let me know.

Anyways, here are all the Common, Epic, and Legendary skins (About) that were unlockable or unlocked on day 1 in Gears 4:

I don’t have a fancy picture for Gears 5; but here’s a full list (Not including post-launch skins like Delivery Mac, or the 4 new characters). Again if I missed any let me know.
(COG, 26 Skins)
Marcus - 2 Skins (Armored, Gilded)
JD - 4 Skins (Scarred, Gilded, Armored, Desert)
Del - 3 Skins (Armored, Desert, Winter)
Kait - 6 Skins (Armored, Esports, Gilded, Winter, Desert, Ice)
Fahz - 2 Skins (Armored, Desert)
Jack - 3 Skins (Normal, Halo, Ice)
Emile - 1 Skin
Kat - 1 Skin
Sarah C. - 1 Skin
Mac - 1 Skin
Keegan - 1 Skin
Lahni - 1 Skin
(Swarm, 14 Skins)
Drone - 2 Skins (Elite, Classic)
Grenadier - 2 Skins (Elite, Normal)
Hunter - 2 Skins (Elite, Normal)
Sniper - 2 Skins (Elite, Normal)
Scion - 2 Skins (Gilded, Normal)
Speaker - 1 Skin
Imago - 1 Skin
Gilded Raam - 1 Skin
T-800 - 1 Skin

So in total, Gears 5 launched with 40 Skins for MP, Horde and Escape. Gears 4 launched with about 53. And this isn’t even mentioning the fact that all of the skins in Gears 4 were much easier to obtain, and is without mentioning the two skin sets (One of which is not complete) for weapons Gears 5 has, whereas Gears 4 has much more (even if 50% of them are just different colors, they’re still there).

Hopefully, this can give you a greater perspective on just how little content Gears 5 actually has. And the post launch skins only add around 12 skins to the Gears 5 list, barely catching up to 4s launch list.

Yay! Anyone else see issues like this? Like the shared execution for the Lancers–where they act like they’re being chainsawed during the Retro version—but there’s no saw.

It truly is amazing. I also don’t remember seeing a Buzzkill after the campaign. Just me?

Buster Out!


The Buzz saw appeared in Act 2 during the section at a lumber yard. It’s as you go downhill toward an indoor section (can’t remember if it’s a cave or factory). But you’re right it doesn’t appear very often at all. This is the only time I can think of.

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Ice Kai Ice Jack from the limited edition Xbox preorder

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Did you include Vintage Oscar/Reyna/Kait too? Hard to see in the pic but I could see those being overlooked due to how they were acquired.

Also there were a couple Buzzsaws sitting around. One on the Frozen Lake in Act 2 and one just sitting in the back of a truck bed in Act 1 when you get attacked by the two Pouncers, after the rendezvous with Lizzie.

There’s at least one Buzzkill in the lumber yard(or whatever you call that place where all the cut down trees were), before you go into the mission area of the mine in Act 2. Then, I’m pretty sure another is around the platform where you fight off the Swarm while the thingy Jack puts on the door opens it, along with a Dropshot or two. Maybe one inside the mine itself as well. I’m not sure if I have seen any others.

@Buster_McTunder Scions in certain Escape hives and Horde wave sets use Buzzkills. So they are outside the Campaign, but not seen very frequently.

Wasn’t Zombie Dom a preorder exclusive at launch? I remember vaguely that it was relating to a pizza brand or energy drink promotion or something.

There was this thing called Totinos or something that appears to be pizza rolls which had certain promotional items like, iirc, Zombie JD. At least I think that’s what it was, seeing as I had no interest in said promotion and have never seen these pizza rolls anywhere myself(seems to be an US thing). Apparently wasn’t a bad thing as I haven’t seen anyone say they liked those things.

I’m pretty sure you’re correct, was Zombie JD and I think Zombie Gnasher? Think Zombie Dom was Ultimate Edition, maybe?

Crazy how I can’t remember this stuff lol. I guess because TC nullified the exclusivity of it all later so my brain had no reason to care anymore. Only one I for sure remember was Vintage Kait because I wanted her but PC players didn’t get a beta so we never had a chance at her. :frowning:

They can make it up to me by porting over my Diamond Cog skin from 4 to 5 now that we have the Cog Gear. :pray:

Zombie Dom, Old Man Marcus and Tomorrow Anya were all part of the brothers to the end pre-order bonus


Some of the skins were terrible but at least you had more options.
I remember thinking that Gears 4’s roster was really small especially as TC remastered Gears 1 before 4 came out so they could of easily had the original 14 as a part of the roster.

Hopefully it doesn’t take several months to add in Locust and Legacy Gears like last time.

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Not to mention that Gears 4 added 2 maps and 4-6 skins a month, not 4 characters and 2 maps every 3 months or more.

Gary was added during the 10th Anniversary event like a month after Gears 4 launched, wasn’t day 1. Other than that looks good.

The amount of currency gained at Gears 4 launch was so minimal though, it took forever to get the operation or elite packs. The % chance to unlock skins through packs was abysmal too. Also the amount of reskinned and terrible looking color blasts in 4 at launch.

Not to say Gears 5 is much better for skins, they’re both bad…

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I’d still say 4 was better because the grind was less, and you could work towards a specific skin you wanted.

How dare you insult my color Blast JD!

Yeah the rewards were definitely more immediate. I just really dislike RNG and a majority of the time I always ended up purchasing the character with scrap.

Also as someone who plays with a color blind friend I prefer calling them the 50 shades of grey skins.

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You’re missing the Jack skin that comes with the drone edition of the game.

The Gears 5 roster doesn’t include the full Delta squad only Marcus, Gears of War 4 had Cole, Dom and Baird in some form at launch. Gears of War 4 also had Sam at launch

Ignoring Non Gears Characters there are only 8 Cog Characters for VS at launch, Gears of War 4 had significantly more (ignoring reskins)

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Yeah even with all the reskins, there were still more Characters (unique) in 4.

Was Zombie Dom included at launch? I know it was Zombie JD you got through the tostinos promo

100% was, he was part of the pre-order bonus, only zombie JD was from the pizza place

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