Components missing and not able to complete jack upgrade since update

I’ve been replaying the campaign and going through and picking up all components and collections. Yesterday my system downloaded the update and everything seemed fine. That is, until I started doing the side missions in Act 3. I’ve finished all but the last main mission and started going back through all the side missions to get the rest of the components and jack upgrades. I found that if I’d picked up a component during my first campaign run that it no longer shows up during my second run. If I had missed one on my first run, then it’s available for me to pickup on this second run through. I also have this bug where I cannot pickup the upgrade module from the water tower missions. I finish the last section (at the docks), the nomad pops up and puts it on the table, but I cannot pick it up. Then after a few minutes, it disappears and I’m stuck with the mission being left uncompleted on my map. This is extremely frustrating as I’m trying to work towards the achievements associated with completely upgrading Jack and gathering all consumables/components/collectibles. Anyone else seeing something similar? The B**** of it is, the only way I see to pickup everything is to replay the entire campaign since you lose components if you just select a certain act/chapter. this needs a patch asap!


I’m having the same problems. I didn’t notice it until the patch, but I wasn’t that far into Act 3 then. Now fuse boxes are already opened if I got it during the 1st playthrough…

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I am having similar problems. There was a known glitch if you completed the Cosmonaut training facility before being sent there by Paduk and Baird. Components would be missing, the reward for completing the water missions could not be collected, and one time I even got locked off the skiff. I’m on my 5th playthrough of the campaign, and since the latest update everything seemed to be working fine. Finally got to the the training facility and the first component is missing. Go to look for the second one, and it’s missing too. I’m done with the campaign. I’ve wasted so much time trying to fully upgrade Jack. It’s impossible when the campaign is broken!!!

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I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this issue! I’ve played through the campaign now 6 times trying to acquire all the components on a single game save.

I’ve continually run into the missing components in Act 3. It’s never the same ones missing, it varies from game to game. I had found all components in Acts 1, 2 and 4, but only 135 of the 152 in Act 3.

So, once I completed the game for the first time, I fired it up again to start a second playthrough to go after all the collectibles & components I missed in the 1st go around. I noticed something was weird when in Act 3 certain components that are in the boxes on walls were being seen on screen as already opened and collected. I knew I’d found it on the first playthrough, but unlike the Collectibles that are gone once you’ve found them, the components are a part of the core campaign this time around, needing to upgrade Jack.

I’ve now played through 5 full times trying to gain all of the components on a single save. I’ve given up on that for now. I just went into Act 3 to find the components I hadn’t yet found, collected them, loaded Act 4 Chapter 1, got the final Ultimate ability I needed, and finally unlocked the achievement for “JACKed Up!” But I still can’t find all 152 on a single game save in Act 3.

However… I’m still wanting TC to fix this issue. It shouldn’t be happening. Period.


I echo all of your posts and have the exact same issue. I too have tried completely restarting campaign on a sepearate save and still had “open fuse boxes” and missing components during Act 3. Extremely frustrating because it is impossible to complete all of Jack’s upgrade when I can’t get all components in Cosmonaut facility.


So I’m guessing you’ve “found them” in prior game saves, right? Because that’s what is going on with my current game. I went back into another game save and found one’s I hadn’t found before, then loaded up Act 4, Chapter 1, and obtained the Ultimate I needed, and the achievement popped.

That still doesn’t fix the issue that I can’t get them all in one game save, however.

i cant pick up upgrade module either at water tower.annoying

Are you saying that you had different runthroughs where you didn’t max every Jack ability, but adding up all runthroughs together you fully upgrade Jack abilites throughout all of them to get the achievement?

If so that is helpful advice to get the achievement. I will try that

UPDATE: That worked for me on the achivement. Thanks! Still upset that these bugs prevent a single playthrough way to get the achievement and they simply prevent progression for others. Coalition needs to work on patching campaign bugs!!

SOLUTION!! to JACKed Up! Tried replaying chapters and then the whole damn game to try and get all of the components for JACKed Up! There were always just enough that didn’t respawn to make it impossible. I decided to delete my save file via the Xbox menu system. That did the trick. Fired up the game and I was a brand new player. Started a new game and every component was exactly where it should be. Yes …pain in the ■■■, but I got JACKed Up!
Interestingly, all of my achievements from before were still there and it still showed all of the collectibles from previous play.

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I started my insane run and thought I would get all components on the same run and I am running into the same problem in act 3. Very frustrating.

I’m seeing this too, so it’s still not been fixed evidently. Pretty annoying as I’m playing through on insane and really need those jack upgrades to give me the edge in certain fights!

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It’s January 2020 and I’m having this problem now. That’s hours wasted!

have faced with it today, playing share screen co-op…
this is bad! we don’t know what to do.

Does anyone know what the problem is with this as I have played through 3 times and got nearly all the components and then my friend jumped in last week and all my jack upgrades and abilities disappeared, including all the components. we are about the same stage we were when they disappeared and I am a little worried it will happen again.

Due to play tomorrow night and it is concerning it will happen again. if this happens twice in 2 weeks and we still don’t get jacked up I will probably be so annoyed I will give up

Only things I have noticed are when the disappeared my friend jumped in an already active game, instead of us both starting from the campaign lobby and also when they disappeared, other weird stuff happened too such as we got stuck in the cargo ship wreck as there was no option to get out, likely we didn’t completely kill the flock and it glitched out. Also the enemies didn’t spawn in the crashed tanks in the middle of nowhere and also my friend couldn’t get a kill at all, it was like he was playing on master difficulty. instant down and rubber bullets.

I don’t want this again so wondered if there was any news about what causes it, how to avoid it and when it maybe patched?