Completing a gun skin set?

I will start off by saying I love the game and all the future progress the developers are making. Now with that in mine how many of us feel since gears 3 that putting together a complete skin set has been way to hard and a little pricey? I love the sets in the tour minus the gears 5 on the team rock that would be awesome on it if you carried it over to gears 6. There has always been the one skin you couldn’t get in crates unless you got lucky or took out a small loan. Now they keep cycling in new skins but never let you complete a set like they hired someone after gears 3 who just hates the idea of us having set weapons with the exception of tour, preorder, aape and ultimate. I don’t see the problem with selling whole sets or putting them out in a more timely matter. The best example is the neon set that if they would have kept at the rate it started would have still taken a month to collect. Now it has repeated once and nothing this week. Stopping players again from getting a full set they want to show off in game. Again love what you’re doing keep up the good work.