Completely customizable button mapping


(telekinetix) #1

They get it on pc we should get it on our xbox,
All to many time my finger accidentally brushed the reload button while in a shot gun battle, id love to swap the us of the bumpers around

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

Get an Elite controller.
App lets you fully customize.


Yeah, fully customize. It doesn’t let you make your own custom thumbstick sensitivity curves, you can only choose preloaded ones that you adjust to your liking. Both thumbsticks don’t invert or have deadzone either. I did hear you can button swap using a normal controller, but I never tried it though since I use an Elite controller too. I think it’s my 7th one now from Best Buy.

(Omen LP) #4

yes, that is true. The difference is with elite you can assign functions to any button… with a regular controller, you can SWAP functions between any two buttons… Small fine print difference, but can be critical in some cases…

So if all you want is to swap the two bumpers, you can do that with a regular controller and the xbox accessories app…

(telekinetix) #5

Nice i need to figure this out cause i wanna run classic alt with the bumper swapped

(Omen LP) #6

On the xbox Go into Settings, Devices, select your controller, edit, and just assign left bumper to be right bumper: that will swap them (based on my 1 experiment with a regular controller, everything else was with elites)

(telekinetix) #7

Thank you so much

(Omen LP) #8

My pleasure :wink: