Completed all acts no achievement

I’ve completed every act of the campaign I went and checked and I have all of the wings for every chapter. Still done have the achievement for completing all of the acts in at 93%

This is an common issue.
I have the same. And for some reason I haven’t completed last 2 chapters of act 2… I do not know how but that is how it works… I magically skipped them to get to act 3…

For me the chapter select when making a lobby and picking what to play said i completed everything. But tghen going into stats > campaign and going thru there It had a bunch of chapters in different acts that it says I hadn’t completed even though obviously i had. So i had to go back and re-play those and once i had done that, the cheevo finally popped.

The looting all the downed Ravens is one that’s bugged out for me. I’ve gone to all 3 plus the one in the north tower and it won’t pop.

That sux. I’m holding off on starting the campaign.