Completed 50 waves. According to stats, only 7

Day before yesterday, I finished 50 waves of horde spending almost 2+ hours. In the end I got the error message and nothing. But, I didn’t panic. I thought may be the game has all the stats recorded locally and just that they are no uploaded to servers. When it does, I would get all the progress. I checked yesterday, according to stats, I just played 7 waves on that map. I played as JD starting fresh at level 1. After playing 50 waves, he is at level 2. So obviously JD has also leveled up according to only 7 waves.
This is so bad. Now its clear that all the data of my 50 wave run is lost. I feel no motivation to play 50 waves again and find out at the end if this is fixed or not. Not to mention the new hero system which I am not a big fan off. Perhaps I should have played campaign first and let the issues be resolved.

Having the same issue. Did 1-50 on Asylum as JD this morning and none of the stats for that are showing. It didn’t add to the completed runs, map hi-score, highest difficulty clear, or JDs time played (tho I did get the appropriate amount of experience and skill cards (I think).)

I thought they had already fixed the stat tracking but apparently not. FWIW the campaign tracking is also still broken even after they made a fix for it. Beat the whole game but it says I didn’t complete half of Act 3 and Act 4.

This is so frustrating. I guess there is no hope to recover the lost experience all these days.

Stats aren’t being tracked correctly. For ranked TDM, it said I have I have 0 everything yet I’ve got my silver2 rank. I know I’m no pro, but I think I’ve gotten at least one kill during my placement matches.

Campaign is just as broken as MP, reason why I’m just doing my ToD quests to pass the time until they fix this game adequately.

Still having this issue. Hate to say it, as I adore gears of war, but I just cant bring myself to play until the stats start recording properly

I’m having a similar problem. I’ve completed my placement matches for TDM and the achievement did not unlock. Also, the stat website says I have no wins in TDM but my medal count for TDM ranked playlist says I’ve won 5 matches.

I thought they had this fixed.