Complete resurrection ribbon

I saw some posts from 2018 here but they didn’t help. I have also watched videos but they didn’t help. I can’t get this ribbon to pop.

I did it exactly like in the videos. I was the last survivor and started reviving my team. In the end we were 5 (all living) before we killed the last enemy. One time I killed 4 enemies with 2 grenades. So noone died again and they came back at the same time. In the video it pops when the last mate has respawned. I don’t get anything. Just after the final kill the Big Ol’ Hero ribbon. I have played vs AI if it is important to know.

So… what I am doing wrong?

Complete resurrection: “Was on a team that went from one living player back to five living players in a Dodgeball match.”

Based on the description, it appears you don’t have to be the last one to get this ribbon. Are you sure you’ve never gotten it before? Did you check?

But based on what you say you did in the match, it sounds like it should have popped up. Weird.

Have you tried playing it in ranked or social?

Usually it should pop for the whole team after respawning of all team members. I played vs Casual Bots. When I Play social it is hard for me to find a dodgeball match.

And yes, I checked my ribbons. It is one of my last eight missing ribbons

I would try a ranked dodgeball match just to see if it will register there for some reason.

I can try. But in the videos they also did it against bots.

Edit: Alright. Tried once again with Casual Bots. I did it in the same match twice. Didn’t work the first time but I got it the second time. Couldn’t see any difference.

May just be a glitch. Didn’t get the trick shot ribbon until the 4th time I did it. Been counted every time since.