Complete a horde match as each character

I’ve discovered that you don’t need to do a 1-50 for it to count you can complete the 20 waves of terminator horde and it counts which is neat.

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Also works if you just do wave 50 on beginner, might be hard alone but if you have a few friends you can bang it out quick.


Yeah that’s what I was doing 1-50 on beginner on the museum map because it was the easiest to spawn kill the horde. but discovering this cuts the time down a ■■■■ ton for the people that haven’t done it yet. I’m

No, you can just do wave 50 and it counts.

Yes or you can just do the 20 waves in the terminator game mode cutting the time in half to complete this challange

That never worked for me and the easiest map is Asylum as Del.

I don’t know how to explain JUST WAVE 50 any clearer


Strange, I did it for all of mine…not sure if they patched it but pretty sure they haven’t.

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There’s absolutely nothing to explain. Completing the 20 waves of terminator horde counts towards the challanges.

But it is faster to beat one (Wave 50) wave - than it is to do 20 waves. You get that right?

Oh lmao. I thought he was saying just do the 50 waves with broken English. I didn’t know you could just do wave 50

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:smiley: haha aiight gotcha


It works. I completed that medal by just doing ONE wave that was the 50th wave with all the characters required. I even did it solo. The hardest one was Jack. Wiped like 10X but I did it with some crazy flying maneuvers, a lot of bot healing, and turning into the Drone with the Claw. The only hard enemy was the Pouncer since for some reason he did not die no matter how many time I shocked him. It was frustrating but it felt good after I did it. It even gave me 53 Assists as Jack. Wiping so much at least gave me more assists. Good luck.

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Haha, I thought maybe you had broken english😅

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