Competitve Weapon Tuning Confusing me badly? 2v2 Event

For the past 6 months, I have played nothing but core Weapon tuning. As I play nothing but core gamemodes. However, with the Gnasher 2v2 even being in Competitive tuning, I honestly feel like I am playing a new gears game. What has affected me the most is my bouncing ability, the distance is really close and I am struggling to try to measure the distance in which I can chain bounce. The gamemode is also very spongy, with blood coming from opponents bodies with no signs of damages. The range and distance for the shotgun is also throwing me off, as I feel opponents are absorbing insane amounts of damage, and walking right through me to get kills. Having two different tunings in the game is downright ■■■■■■■■ imo, Had there been one tuning, comp or core, I wouldn’t be struggling to make an adjustment for the event skins. Maybe they should’ve had, core movement with comp damage, or comp movement with core damage, When Gears 5 comes out, there better be one universal god damn tuning for everyone, like every other games. I only played core because I am thinking to myself, “This is the most base version of gears at the moment and the most played gamemode” considering the most popular gamemodes (TDM and KOTH) are under Core settings, so I assumed the event would be under Core, boy was I wrong, good thing it’s a Social Event or I’d be hit right now lol


If you played 2 vs 2 Gnashers event early, you could have played on Core Tuning.
It was a mistake on their part, before they changed to Competitive.


I really hope gears 5 has one tuning too. I feel like a tuning that is in-between core and competitive would be good.


Here is hoping Gears 5 doesnt make the same mistake. Its like learning and unlearning an entire game whenever I switch from core to competitive and vice versa.


Actually switching between the two is not that hard at all IMO…after all it’s been two years.

But if you ONLY played Core therein lies the problem.

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I was extremely surprised to find so many players still unaware of the tuning differences after almost two years since the game’s release when playing the 2v2 event! The differences between the tunings are not listed anywhere in game!

I am still infuriated by TCs complete and utter naivety when it comes to the two weapon tunings, particularly their so called “player data and feedback”.

Here’s hoping for a hybrid universal weapon tuning for Gears 5.

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The damage dropoff in Competitive for the Gnasher is quite severe compared to Core, you really do need to be fairly close to do any damage to people.

I play comp 90% of the time. The problem is going backwards to having sniper gnashers and super lancers. Then it feels like you need to be in a spit swapping makeout 1v1 to kill in Comp.

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I also prefer the core damage and movement. I only play KoTH.

I prefer comp tuning due to not getting downed from halfway across the map by a spread shotgun.

Actually its pretty hard, your not special.

Not much different in shotgun strength imo people still eat anyway… Only thing that’s different is the movement from wall to wall. If I had to choose between the two I would stay on core settings.