Competitive Vs Casual Weapon Tuning Difference?

Hello all, first post. Quick question. Due to the new challenge this involving Escalation, I was curious to know what differences there are with tuning between Core and Competitive. I have only played using Core tuning so I am not familiar with the differences.


From What I heard, Competitive tuning have less powerful weapons, So Lancer is not a power weapon :stuck_out_tongue:
And some things like while you are wall bouncing you regenerate health slower than being in a cover.
Some different things too but they are not in my mind

Yes, basically, weapons are weaker so you ned more hits. So you need to be more accurate and shoot more.

If you are asking about this (good question, for sure) you are probably not a high end VS player so the differences in movement dynamics aren’t, likely, to be an issue for you… so just think, weaker weapons.

Weapons are extremely nerfed in comparison to core with less damage, range, etc. I.e not being able to map somebody with the shotgun

Movement system / wall bouncing now has health regen penalties etc.

The gnasher is also a monster too… especially with that damn active reload…

Didn’t say it’s weak, But It’s powerful that’s for sure

Definitely not a high end VS player but gotta start somewhere right? :wink: