Competitive Tuning Is Far Worse Than Core Tuning

I have to say, having spent many hours on both tunings - me and my friends agree that Comp tubing is the biggest pile of BS out there.

It’s so inconsistent and unpredictable.

First off - every rifle is a chore to use.

Markza litterally does nothing and I’ve yet to see anyone actually manage to headshot someone. I’ve put almost full clips and sometimes even clips and no idea how they don’t go down.

Drop is massively OP at 4 rounds.

And the worst is the Gnasher.

It is either a marshmallow shooter


One step closer and it’s a lethal gibbing machine.

There is no in between.

Normally the person who shoots first is doomed to lose because you take one small step forward and you getting the gib.

This is not still, this is just hugging you let enemy for the gib. Evading and shooting only increases your pellets to spread so it’s about staying still and getting a tight shot.

I can get kills and multi-kills because I know how it works but I dislike it because it’s not very fluid and doesn’t make sense for the shotgun to have such a small Lethal range and then after that a basically marginal damage range.

Second issue is the health Regen.

This should not be affected by bouncing.

Health Regen should be neutral across all movement.

If you can Regen by running away - why not bouncing away / bouncing around enemies?

It takes still to bounce and not get hit for long enough to get health back.

So in essence the Gnasher is a big mess and the health Regen is just draining skill from movement and just ruins fluidity and increases static gameplay.

I have no idea how people say they Comp tuning is better than Core.

Core isn’t perfect but at least all the weapons feel like they do something in their own right and have strengths and weaknesses.


Here’s to a perfect, somewhere in the middle, single weapon tuning for g5 :slight_smile:

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This is going to be long, so here’s a quick summary of the points I address to decide if you want to read:

  • Comp is for teams, Core is for solo
  • Both are very imperfect. Holding shots is too prevalent in Comp, but high, nooby damage is too prevalent in Core.
  • New health regen in Comp
  • Marshmellow Gnasher

Disclaimer: I prefer Comp overall, but I enjoy both for different reasons. There are pros and cons to both. I’m not a diehard fan of either tuning.

Comp for teams, Core for solo

This is a fundamental concept for the tunings. The Comp Lancer is weak because they’re meant to be a supportive, not a One Man Army type of weapon. Rifles are highly effective for draining the enemy’s health before they get into a fight with your teammate. They are also useful in double lancering an enemy down quickly.

In Core, you can just do everything yourself with a lancer. It’s totally viable to just never pull out a Gnasher in Core. You can just active your Lancer and be good for any situation, given that you have enough ammo. And no teammates are required. You can just two-shot down anyone with a Gnasher, down them with a lancer while moving between covers, etc.

Markza, Retro and Hammerburst in Comp

First of all, the Markza is incredible, even in Comp tuning. Not sure why you haven’t seen people get headshots, but they must just be using the weapon very wrong. If someone is running straight at you, spam it at their body and they’re going to go down. Shoot it slowly at their head or body when they peek or move around the map from far away and you’ll either pick them off completely, or make them ridiculously uncomfortable when fighting your teammates.

It’s either lag or you missed some shots while spraying during the recoil. It’s happened to me as well, but when I slowed the clips down, I found that I was spraying impatiently. And I think that’s a fair tradeoff for weapon balance, otherwise it would be more OP than it already is.

Retro is straight up OP.

Hammerburst is basically the same as the Markza, except you can be pushed in close range much easier.

Gnasher in Comp

Although it is a marshmellow after a certain range, I think it should be. You should be using different weapons at different ranges. Being a marshmellow shooter is still effective though. If you have someone full red and they’re running from you, shooting marshmellows at them will keep them damaged so you can continue to push them. Yeah it would just down them straight up in Core, but that’s what makes Core so unforgiving. Call that good or bad, but it’s really just using the wrong weapon for the distance.

This isn’t true anymore after Comp tuning 2.8. The spread is the same tightness while strafing.

Holding Shots in Comp and No Forgiveness in Core

This is something I totally agree with and it’s the biggest downside of Comp tuning IMO. Holding shots (not shooting until the enemy is in gib range) is extremely cheesy and unintuitive. Comp is plagued with people just walking slowly toward you and shooting at the perfect time that you’re in gib range. Shooting for damage is extremely risky once you’re close to each other. He’ll just get close to you in between shots and chunk you, even though you hit him for 60% just two feet back. Or 40% if he walks in on you from even farther.

On the other side (Core), this concept of holding shots is punished much more often. They can’t walk in on you from nearly as far in Core because you can do so much damage from farther shots. The same thing goes with people misrolling near you. They get away with it because your shotgun damage falls off too quickly in Comp, but in Core, you can brick them for making the mistake.

Obviously, this concept of being punished very easily in Core for mistakes comes with the cost of the shotgun being ridiculously overpowered. If someone is sitting on cover, it is basically impossible to push them in Core as long as they hit their shots. Unless it’s an area where you can go super, super wide, he’ll just pop over cover, take a simple shot and full red you. This leads to tonnes of stalemates. IMO, you should be able to get away with more aggressive plays in Core.

Health Regen

I thought this was a horrible thing they did in 2.8. It was fine before. The health regen now is very unintuitive. I feel like I never know when someone is full red or not. I put in a tonne of shots, get them full red, sprint to go wide on them, then hit them with a shotgun for 70% and they don’t go down. Huh? I thought they were full red. Oh, nope… they got their health back in 1.5 seconds because they were sitting in cover. Had they kept running, it would have been 2.5 seconds. Had they wallbounced twice and then ran, would have been 3 seconds. Had they wall bounced four times and then sat in cover, would have been 3.2 seconds. Like wtf?

But even if the enemies had a health bar over their head and I always knew how much health they had, the health regen system would still be stupid. It is far too quick to get your health back while sitting on cover right now. People run away after being full red for doing something stupid, and then they get their health back before I could even go wide. Doesn’t matter how quick I am. Playing for damage is stupid right now.

TL;DR Pros and Cons

So yeah, the health regen and holding shots is stupid in Comp, but the weapons are way more balanced IMO. The current weapon balanced makes it fair to move around the map and make plays. Every weapon has its place and time to be used. Rifles are used for teamwork and holding down open areas (Core rifles can hold down whatever the f*** they want).

In Core, one person can pin you down forever and force gameplay to a complete halt. And they can hit mostly inaccurate shots which will full red you. It gives people a tonne of lucky kills. But at least those OP weapons can punish stupid plays that deserve to be punished.

The reason I don’t prefer Core in general is because noobs get lucky way too often AND the gameplay is complete cancer in highly competitive games. Ever play TDM with all Diamonds vs all Diamonds? Yeah have fun. It’s impossible to move because the weapon balance is so horrible.


I strongly agree with API on many points. The complaints in this thread seem to be the same I hear from Core friends when I try to get them to play Escalation or Execution with me. They don’t want to change their Core ways in order to succeed at Comp. I feel it’s more a matter of what they are used to than which is actually better.

I find comp to be a joy and a greater measure of true talent. The balance is nice. Fewer fluke/noob kills as well.
I just wish comp tuning wasn’t reserved for the nerd game modes because few of my friends want to play long @** Escalation or have the patience for Execution. KOTH in comp tuning would be my dream.

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i prefer comp tuning but i dont like the decreased health regen that they added they seemed like a huge step back wall bouncing imo is supposed to be somewhat defensive/evasive as well as for movement punishing players who are good at it because others “dont like it” is just eh after they added that i’ve been playing core more

Only real downside of Comp tuning is high ping warriors. Other then that, @API post pretty much sums it up.

I dislike Health Regen too.

Not my favorite either, although I do understand the concept behind it, not sure the current implementation is the best for practical use.

Yeah Comp Tuning is ■■■■. Just like Core.

Just like the entire game.

are we having a bad day bro? would you like to talk about it?

no sarcasm intended. its you’ve been kinda negitive today and would like to understand underlying issues so we can build constructive posts together.


I think it’s the best comp tunings they’ve ever had. The Health Regen is amazing, makes it much more chanllanging to take on more than 1 or 2 players. The “marshmallow” gnasher is amazing! Everyone always hates it because they use it as if they were playing in core. The damage fall off is designed to be used at a certain distance, gib range. Personally, I love moving in gears, one of the main reasons I play the game! These settings are the best slide distances and cancel times they’ve ever had. You can be very evasive and make people miss, even with a lancer. People always complaining about the damages of all weapons in all tunings and modes. I strongly disagree! The tunings are there to make you change your play style, I win quite often even as a solo on both game modes but my play style is drastically changed between the two tunings. I am tired of people throwing out “ marshmellow” when speaking of the gnasher. Like no, you just need to be more evasive, close in on your opponent and BAM! Gibbed him

The Gnasher is really inconsistent which is the issue.

Like I said, one step forward and it’s instant gib, one step back and it’s not enough or barely does anything.

There just no middle ground - it doesn’t take more or less skill, it’s just counterintuitive.

You would expect 2 shots to down at a certain distance but 2-4 shots later the other guy just takes one step forward and gibs you.

Or may be running at you and it’s sponged.

The way Health Regen works was a silly idea too.

Competetive was meant for just that , “competitive players” . The damage is weaker which leaves room for creativity and freedom . Meaning, players in competitive realize standing back and hard aiming isnt going to win you fights like it does in core. Core was meant to give the noobs of gears a fighting chance against higher skilled players, which is why the overpowered weapons and slow movement styles. It also for solo players who like racking up kills and being self sufficient. I loved core until i realized how badly it effects your skill. I mean i get 60+ plus kills every match on koth but really the shotgun does all the work for me.

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Thank you for having common sense.