Competitive ranking is trash honestly

How am I top 500 in exe, esc, and 2v2 yet still get placed with kids who seem to have never played gears in their life. I get it if you have a bad game but 3 people on my team dropping 0 kills while i drop 11. come on this isn’t league of legends. it’s sad knowing i’m top 500 but getting kids who should be placed in the bottom of the leader boards. knowing that i’m getting placed against a 4 stack every game. i know i am getting placed against 4 stacks when i get the same team almost every other game. honestly this is pretty wack, i’m an amazing player who drops more than enough kills, clutches rounds, and can easily take care of any 1v2 situation. yet i still have kids on my team that are just so unbelievably bad.

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Ah, the good ol’ complain-thread that is actually a sad attempt at flexing. Can’t you get your validation somewhere else?

Also; the leaderboard-rank has nothing to do with your MM-rating. How do people still fail to understand this basic concept?


“Carmines voice” boooooooooooo


I’m #4 in TDM and I get people on my team from time to time who are genuine like re-up 2s. My invisible MM-rating should also be very high because I have like 4th or 5th best stats in the top100, so the matchmaking definitely doesn’t feel super restrictive — I don’t mind it at all though, I really love how open matchmaking feels. Some games I’m playing bots, some games I’m playing good players — it’s kind of random and that’s the fun of it.


That’s how gear 3 was, u played had fun. Win or lose.

But not now.


The comp leaderboards aren’t based on skill they are based on time played. A botwalker can easily get top 1000 if they have time to spare.

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I’m near top 500 and I’m absolutely terrible. Either that or there’s some really good stacks and with… ahem a few cheaters sprinkled in in the ranks above (not naming any names). At least the first is true, still debating the second. Could be paranoia kicking in but some of the ways I die at higher ranks seem impossible to me (characters and guns not facing the way they shoot. Point blanks only hitting for 50%, and a new one- blindfire, up A longshot headshots from 15 meters away). Also the spinning on a dime to prevent from being flanked. and shot in the back was happening at even lower ranks. Realize this is normal for Gears but still hard for me to fathom as I’m a traditional low sens mouse guy who refuses to change.

Maybe if you tried harder you could just kill everyone and be a shining example for these kids.


Ok, did some sleuthing. Here’s the guy. Opinions? So he’s actually legit? Seems to have a big YT following but never heard of him on pro circuit. If he’s this good then wonder why he doesn’t turn pro. Playing against him it just seems like, if there’s a longshot, he’s gonna get it (his stack is also extremely good, they all four rush the longshot and quick pick it), you’re getting headshotted, you and there ain’t nothing you can do. He mostly does blindfire headshots from what I could tell too.

best sniper player in gears

Lol competitive doesn’t mean anything. @UthyrTheImpure is nearly top 100 in exe and dude couldn’t shoot the Great Wall of China.


I’d say he was better than a few of the top 100 guys I’ve been playing against lately.


I’m really just kidding. Uthyr is pretty decent tbh. I just like giving him grief


Maybe the system is trash idk. I probably don’t belong in top 500 either. Still the people who get to the top had to put in work. Got to respect the work.


I mean, i’m like 40,000 in exe and i’m a god. So obviously its broken.

Jk jk


Oh don’t complain that just means you play too much lol

Seriously…how hard are paragraphs to come by ?
I will try to translate none the less.
I lost, I’m amazing so it can’t be my fault, game why you failing me ?

One thing I really wonder with people like the OP, do they realize that it’s very unlikely you get 3 Gear Virgins added as teammates and the other side has 4 gods ?


Yes it was.

Gears 3 did it best, by a mile.

I have hated every single Ranking System TC has offered, along with all the tedious and cringeworthy threads/posts relating to them. Nothing but a mockery of the word “Master”.

On the original games people were known for who they were, it was as simple as that.

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The whole time it has been that way. It’s never even which can throw you off. You could be playing bad kids and get relaxed then play sweaty. It’s annoying I want to play top tier the whole time.

Ranked and Pro League are an entirely different ballgame. Pubstomping for YouTube only gets you so far. He also plays on PC with M&Kb which isn’t allowed if he wanted to play in challengers.

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