Competitive quit penalty

I got a competitve quit penalty but after every match I get minus 78 credits and it’s been like this for a couple of days. Does this go away, and if so how long does it take?

When you have paid off your debt to the Gears of War community.


Basically you need to pay off 78 credits before able to gain credits again as thats how much you owe.

You get both credit and xp penalty because you quit during a ranked match.

So, how exactly do we pay it off? I’ve played like a ton matches or so and I still have the penalty. I know that what I did was stupid and I shouldn’t have left those matches, but how can we pay it off? It’s been days…

By completing full ranked matches, Social doesnt count.

That’s all I’ve been doing. Ranked match after Ranked match

I dont know much about the quit penalty system, I kinda forgot about it tbh, but i’ll try to help.

Really @the-coalition will need to give you a better answer. Since they can provide better insight.

  • Did you play the same ranked mode you intially quit out of? If not that may be the reason why your credit penalty hasnt been cleared.
  • is there any -XP given and did you clear that off?
  • how many times did you quit?

I think once or twice. I have played the mode I had quit (TDM). I haven’t gotten -XP. Maybe in like, one match I did. But nothing after that. All I get now is -Credits