Competitive Quit Penalty Won’t Leave

I had to leave an execution match. This was like 4 days ago. I’m still receiving -29 creds after every match. I’ve played countless matches afterwards and it’s still there. How long before this thing clears up.

Lol me as well and its been like that for a week

I’m at -22 credits and I didn’t even quit a match.
They all dissolved at the lobby stage last week or two. They just want us to finally stop playing it, no other reasonable explanation…

If its been like that for a week, perhaps try reach out to @CoalitionGears or @OctusTC on when the credit based penalties will be cleared.

But in the mean time, just keep playing and finishing full ranked matches until the penalty is cleared. Other than that, there’s nothing you can do bud.

Well I’ll give it to Monday and see. If not I’ll ask em on here or twitter.

Yeah same here, had to leave a match last week and still getting the penalty even now.

Please can you remove quit penalties especially if you dont want to fix your nvidia crash bug.

im just not going to renew my game pass until the problems have been fixed. It is absolutely frustrating not getting credits. I could care less about xp.

They are trying to fix the crash, its not easy as it sounds to find the bug.

Also they wont remove the quit penalty on pc because they want to keep updates and mp experience to both platforms fair.

theyve had a huge chunk of a year to figure it out. also they can just get rid of it all together if they are worried about fairness.

I’m having a similar issue. Deranking after every match, regardless of outcome. My girlfriend is having the same problem, too. We’ve both dropped more than an entire tier since Monday.

I got to diamond but it still says -1 credit after each match lel