'Competitive Quit Penalty' when I never quit

The strange thing is that it happens EVERY match. I get like -384 Credits each match. Fix your ■■■■■■■ game, TC


TC are aware of this issue and are looking into it. Unfortunately right now all you can do is to stick to social until they post an update on the matter.

Ofc they are aware, TC is causing these mass suspensions by silent server side updates and server interventions, manifested by disconnections for all lobbies at the same data center… Yeah don’t ask me how do I know this.

Good advice is to stick with Social.

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‘Aware’, are they? Well, they might be, but I sincerely doubt they’re ‘working hard on a fix’. They’re going to pull off the NVIDIA Drivers Fix situation and fix the situation more than 2 years later lmao

I don’t disconnect very often. When it happens, and I’m penalized it kinda sucks but at least we have a system in place to reduce quitting, however flawed it may be. If I disconnected very often I would probably be more upset about it though.

Well, yeah reduced playing do reduce quitting too, hardly it’s a system even less in place. You’re missing the point bud.

Not sure what point I’m missing. Sure, I’d like to have no disconnections and resultant penalties but the current situation is better to having no penalty system at all and the rampant quitting that would ensue.