Competitive quit penalty not going away

I quit one game of execution and received a -500 credits penalty. I’ve continued to receive a -110 credit penalty for 15+ games now. This has to be a mistake right?


actually it’s being investigated for random kicks, but for people who intentionally quit, i think this is TC taking action against people ruining the game for others. i’m a supporter of this. i would recommend always finish your match.

I agree quitters are plaguing the game but you honestly think you should lose 4000 credits for it?

when i’m playing a 2v5 in koth, and i realize that there is only 1 solid player that sticks through the game with me, makes me wonder of creative ways to ask TC to ban 1st time offenders for a week, and limited to play social and horde + credit loss. so yes 4000 sound more than fair to me.

i have a very narrow mind on this topic. sorry but not sorry! i hope all works out for you in the future.:v:

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Same is happening to me

Tc are well aware of the issue and investgating the feedback in relation to disconnects and penalty applications. Unfortuntely there is nothing to be done at this stage except trying to clear your ranked debt without getting further penalties.

If you do manage to clear your debt eventually, it would be best if you avoid playing ranked until TC posts an update on the matter.

WTF you’re talking about?
It’s NEVER published, no one explain nor document it HOW PENALTY SYSTEM WORKS. Especially for how long credits are gonna be deducted!! Never!! So you see, there IS something to be done by TC, at the first place being fair to those who pays you!!

Competitive xp penalty system is explained like in a previous whats up for xp and imnsure t works the same for credits too.

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What kind of reply is that?
Point it out, if you know the answer… The question and the entire topic is related to credits deductions “that won’t go away”. Where is that explained? It just not the same as XP, being kicked out of lobbies I recover my XP very fast but credits deduction just NEVER leaves! Probably due to server/lobby dissolved issues followed by suspensions on DAILY BASIS.

The game is a broken mess and the Coalition only caters to the glitchers now.So i doubt this will be fixed if you are a legit player.Gears use to be the greatest franchise ever but now the Coalition destroyed it.The game is pretty much dead except for a few hundred people you should move on and not worry about it.There is so many more better games out there


Because of the credit reduction is not leaving thats why TC are investigating it in the first place.

As for proper explanation of credit reduction penalties, this was explained before in a past dev stream I think but yeah they should explain how it works.

Just be patient and I’m sure they’ll explain it once they conclude their investigation.

If your not happy with the game and what TC doing, simply stop playing Gears 4 and play other games.

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It’s up to you if you want to flag my posts, but at the end of the day… I’m just saying what TC has said to keep people updated on the situation. I’m sure they won’t respond any time soon until they get an update on the matter. Also TC have responded to people feedback about getting credit deductions and match disconnects because they are looking into it.

I do agree they have to explain how credit penalty actually suppose to works as well as how it’s applying right now. But again, they are unlikely to respond back until their investigations have been concluded.

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