Competitive matches, clans

Hi,Today after a long time I installed the MLG application and I realized that gears are no longer available within the catalog that this application offers, nor the option of tournament and matches; It is there where I conclude that gears 5 lacks a section where you can search for games with competitive people where you can play a game seriously since the qualifiers (rankeds) have become so casual that there are many random players, It would also be good to include the creation of clans or teams within the same game to be able to challenge other teams by encouraging competitive play for those of us who are passionate about playing seriously.

Seems like these things are happening slowly. There was an official public Gridiron tournament a few weeks back (teams challenging other teams). Give it time, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

You don’t need MLG to run into sweaty 5 stacks. I play against them all the time in rank.

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It is not exactly what I mean, only who has played MLG knows what I am talking about, you continue to enjoy ranqued games

I played MLG Bro. You run into 5 stacks on ranked it is MLG play. That s why people get pist. It’s fun.

yes, apart from what you mention I would like them to implement the creation of clans in game, to promote competition between teams in personalized games either 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5 etc, as simple as your team is online and looking for a pairing with another team or clan

Oh. True. That would be a cool play feature. If it was in the menus

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