Competitive leaderboards score bug

People’s score per match and per round are bugged my buddy is averaging 300k score per match and 150k per round

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Lol wow.

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I dont get any score. Typical TC. Nothing works right!


I had that for a bit too… although I was also getting an error after every match. Who the heck knows what’s going on.

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The top 1000 looks like it’s going to be one of the following:

  1. Boosters and exploiters
  2. Those who play the most aka Gears 1 leaderboards

On the surface this definitely looks to be the least skilled based board of all time.


consider making a post about exactly this! it will become a problem at the end of the op when boosters knock out honest grinders from the top 1000 and their rewards.

i remember the gears 3 leaderboards lol

especially with step in and out of the ring in control, boosting heaven.

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It’s super lame, it’s extremely grindy. There’s no way I can compete with some of the absolute no life’s out there grinding it out all hours of the day. I mean they can do them, and do whatever they want.but there’s just no way those rewards are even feasible for me.

It’s simply just as you said, no skill, and who’s got the most time to dedicate to gears 5.


So you ban them. If you are that big of a loser you need to do this you shouldn’t be playing the game.

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Pretty sad when they are already glitched and people have millions points day one. The top 1000 will be glitching the leaderboards


You’re proposing they ban the people playing the game 24/7? Wow savage. I dunno if I’d go that far bruh.

Not to mention the man hours poured into establishing the ranked elo gears points system. What was it? A whole year or longer working on that…only to just scrap it. Seems to be a common theme with TC. Escape ect ect…

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If they are cheating? Yes

This right here, the only couple games I played last night… I got my points after I reloaded, but I haven’t got to see a working end game results yet, which I was curious about to see if it gave any details on where the points are coming from and what not (like any sort of breakdown or just says points and that’s it)… hopefully I can find out later today when I get on, just got off work from overnight shift, I’m gonna crash now lol.

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Ah no, I wasn’t saying they were cheating. I just meant they were playing 24/7. But yah, def ban the cheaters and boosters…but then again their system def opens it up and creates a setting where that type of thing is going to happen…and it’s like… do they really want to have to do the work all the time banning these guys boosting?

Especially with it being close to the end of gears 5s operation life cycle.

Yea I didn’t count on getting the weapon set anyways, definitely not the whole set, but not even the power set, cause eventhough I’ll be playing alot of Guardian, and can toot my horn that I know I’m pretty good at Guardian, at least in the sense 99% of my games, I’ve killed leader at least once, about 50-60% of that 99% I’ve got him 2+ times… and roughly 75% of the times I been leader, I survived.

Despite all that, I didn’t count on finishing top 1000… and that was before seeing people are insanely boosting already somehow lol

I’m gonna try to get back into guardian. I like the skill the leader gets…sometimes matches are really tug of war like…how are they playing out? Are they real sweaty? How many rounds is it now?


Like I said I only played a couple games yesterday so I can’t judge on the sweatiness yet… but can tell you they changed it back to 3 rounds to win instead of 4.

Oh wow, that’s a good length of game there. I’ll jump in there today sometime. Control was a sweat fest yesterday. Chalking it up to ppl not being placed yet, somehow I was getting MVPs tho. Sucks it’s only 1 round, but matches were so fast to find. It was only bout a minute before I was thrown into the next match. I was playing a lot of the same ppl tho.

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Yea Guardian always had that 3 rounds to win though(well I can’t say always I started on 4 so idk prior games lol) but they made it 4 when they brought it back to quickplay with it’s changes

Interesting thing is sometimes you can get really long rounds if you have 2 really good leaders… sometimes you can get 20 second rounds that plays out like an execution round cause a leader gets insta killed lol.