Competitive KOTH or TDM

hi¡ i just want to say: if u like to play and got no problems with a mexican trying to speak english (B1) you are welcome to add me . I´m always playing KOTH or TDM. Im diamond in both but i describe my self as a regular player but always do my best. Maybe you are thinking Why this guy don´t post this in a mexican forum, well this is cheaper than paying for english clasess. So if you want to play and help me THANK YOU, If you want to practice your spanish i´d like to help you too.

take care :slight_smile:


Hey brother good luck with learning to try and speak English! Respect the hustle.

Feel free to add me though I don’t play that much, just once a week and typically on Tuesdays from 10PM-2AM PST.

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ty brother :smiley:

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