Competitive gaming

Not really gonna complain just In need of a solid team for competitive if anyone is interested. I’m :gem: On all core playlists and have already hit :gem:5 in one so really I don’t feel the need to grind on core anymore. Currently onyx 2 in exe and low silver in esca. That’s cause I don’t play much of competitive till now, so ye. Let me know if you’re tryna link up and we can help each other out. Maybe you’re trying to get a good teammate for your squad, or you’re just tired of the Randy’s on here that really just have no clue what they are doing. Cause believe me, I know.

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Where are you from? Are you from Europe?

I’m from Cali

i’m a D1, borderline D2 in TDM. I am trying to get Diamond in the other playlists, but no one really plays anything other than TDM. KOTH takes me like 15 minutes to find a game.

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