Competitive Crashes and penalty

Hello, i try to play Competitive but most times game is totaly freez my pc…
Now i have big Quit penalty for XP, Credits and ofc time penalty after every cras. I try to fix my negative XP/Credits penalty, but i cant because i still getting another crash after every 2nd or 3rd match.
This is not my fault, i am not a quitter, but I’m still punished. Please fix the game or remove my unfair penalty. I love the game, I have to played about 600 hours in it. But this makes me angry…

I care about my pc/system and I always have it in perfectly clean and optimized.
PC specs high exceeds the HW requirements for the game:

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4,2GHz Skylake
CPU Cooling: Corsair H105 Hydro Series
RAM: G.SKill Trident Z RGB 32GB (4x8GB) 3600MHz CL16
SSD: Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 512GB
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB
HDD: WD Caviar Black 2000GB
HDD: WD Caviar Green 1500GB
PSU: Corsair RM1000i
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

EDIT: And how long player can’t play after be kicked?


have the same problem on the xbox … will be removed at the beginning of the round from the lobby and then I should check the Internet connection but if I go into a social game there are no problems
in other games I have no problems …
my credit penalty has been going on for a week now …


You have to revert your NVIDIA drivers back to 382.53 so that your game will stop freezing. This is a known issue. Otherwise, you will continue to get quit penalties because although the game shouldn’t freeze, it ruins the game for all 9 other people in the game as well.

The newest driver gives me no issues

I have returned NVIDIA driver to 382.53, i turned off ShadowPlay and Xbox Game DVR and i set Async to OFF in GoW4 options. I did everything what i find on internet.
Now i just waiting to end of my time penalty to test it. It takes 12 hours and I do not know how to check when its end …