Competitive Chainsaw Tips

Hi there, I wanted to start this thread on tips to help players become more skilled and competitive chainsaw users.

So being skilled with the chainsaw revolves around recognizing situations where it is most effective. The first of those situations is when you are sneaking up on a distracted enemy, one not facing you. Walking up behind them and chainsawing is the easiest and safest way to dispatch an enemy in these situations.

Second time to use the chainsaw is when the target is engaged with a teammate. Picture your teammate having a shotgun battle with an enemy. Wading in and with your chainsaw will catch the enemy off guard.

Ambushing is the third situation to competitively use your chainsaw. Picture an enemy approaching as you spy on them from around the corner with the third person view. As they draw near, rev the chainsaw from behind the corner out of sight, then proceeded to go for the saw as they meet you at the corner.

Lastly, there are a few tricks to keep in mind when trying to saw someone who IS fully focused on you. Normally you should engage with you gnasher at this point but going for a saw can be necessary if you are caught off guard while lancering or sometimes it is a decent mix up to go for. So that said, NEVER run at them in a straight line. Rev the saw and walk at a 45ish degree angle relative to them, then cut in for the saw kill. You can also try the “Rev roll” where you roll just behind them, start Reving as soon as you are back up, then turn 180 degrees as they do the same and bam. You got them. If they roll away just spray with the lancer.

Anyways that’s about it. I hope this helps you become a more skilled and competitive Chainsawer.

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It went from being an overused weapon in G1 to an underused weapon in G5.

My tip is to wallbounce with it.



I know the OP was dripping sarcasm but I’m serious. The only Quint I have on versus is with Saw on Pit in FFA.

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What hurts the chainsaw in 5 is that you cant rev it during a reload


I was getting quite a few of them but then op3 happened and now im lucky to get a few seconds out of spawn.

I love the chainsaw but the shotgun outclasses In all cqc situations.

Why would I sneak behind someone to Bring them into a chainsaw Animation when I Could just blast them and bounce away with the shotty?

Got another highly competitive chainsaw tip for master level players- predicting and calling out the roll.

So if you for any reason believe your enemy will roll, you can use your chainsaw to punish this if you can predict it. Start reving when you think your opponent is just about to roll, then move to the point where they are due to complete their roll to secure the kill. They never had a chance.

One situation where this arises a lot is when you are skillfully firing your lancer at a gnasher user, and in an effort to close the distance they roll towards you- but you predicted this and had your chainsaw reved and waiting for them.

I mean…a gnasher player who rolled toward you to close the distance either mistimed a bounce, in which case they opened themselves up to punishment, or they are not highly skilled, in which case they are open to punishment.

Yes, thank you this is another highly competitive use of the chainsaw, during wall bounce wars.

It is notoriously difficult to land a shot on a wall bouncing player, and notoriously difficult to make an accurate shot while doing it. These two things stack on top of each other when both players are wall bouncing.

However, the chainsaw could care less about your wall bouncing. It will magnetize and rip you to shreds like any other situation. Try to predict a whiffed gnasher shot from your opponent while wall bouncing, then rev your chainsaw at that moment and move in.

It is important to use Rev-9 while you Rev the saw for maximum meme potential.


Micro bump :slight_smile:
So I am a Chainsaw Massacre type guy and have been in all of my Gears life.

Im staring to get more than a little miffed by getting messages telling me I’m trash, noob, coward, all because I use the chainsaw.

Now if you cared to watch any of my clips you will see I don’t just walk with the chainsaw out 24/7. unless in a Hill with smoke going off everywhere, but I bounce and move to chain the deaths., thus getting triples and quads which on Gears 5 is bloody hard to do. being as TC have nearly broken it with RB and it not working 25-30% or more of the time.

The biggest insult is getting called trash by habitual Terminator players!!! I mean come on.

Just to add I do not do beat downs, shuffles or any of that stuff.

Anyway just wanted to vent/share.

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I find it works best(trust me on this I am TEH PRO) when you are in a team of gnasher ■■■■■ who throw smokes in the circle in KOTH and then all get killed while killing most of the opponents while I chainsaw the last one thus ensuring we keep the circle. Seriously how dumb are my team mates all getting killed while I have to save our team from being totally dominted.

Yeah I end up last in our team but we win thanks to me and my l33t chainsaw skills.

I am so underapreciated.

Soooooooooooooooooo lonely.

Why does everyone hate me?

What? You’re saying I need a new strat for the saw? You mean my old strat isn’t working? No way. People are seeing right through my “throw smoke into ring and walk in with my chainsaw revved” trick? Damn, I was hoping that move would last me at least until Op 4. It sure seemed like a brilliant move at the time.