Competitive broken in Australia (and other low populated regions)

It appears region blocks have been reintroduced,as you can now once again search in Australia for 30 mins and not find a game at all in every competitive mode, without an American host we can no longer play ranked anymore.It is detrimental to our dwindling player base here in Australia, we want to play, but cant find matches, please remove the region blocks so us Aussies can rejoin the battle!


Need more time to test properly but clearly something is different. Before the update I could find a 2v2 match between 1-5 minutes at all times. Tried searching a few games with a friend tonight and the average wait time was between 5 minutes and forever.

First time since the changes made in OP3 that I spent more time searching than actually playing.

I’m from South America.


Which country? When Gears 4 introduced ping update, Chile and Brazil were the most affected.

Maybe next week I would try competitive, for now I’m playing OSOK

I’m from Chile.

Like you said, the ping update closed the servers and pretty much killed ranked for me.

Hope it’s just a bug or something unintentional. It doesn’t make sense that 2 weeks ago everything was fine and now with no crossplay toggle we’re supposed to have more players yet I struggle to find a match.

If nothing changes, then I guess that’s it for G5.

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I’m also an Aussie player. I went from only finding 4 control matches and 1 tdm match on day 1 of Op 7 to finding nothing today.
I still haven’t found a Guardian, free for all and 2v2 Gnasher game, even after an hr of searching.
Today I haven’t even been able to find quickplay matches besides Co-op versus AI.
Please allow us to find games!


I’m from Chile too :+1:t2:

By any chance, do you have Movistar as an internet provider?

I hope too this is a bug that can be solved, sadly it’s exactly the same that happened with Gears 4:

Before update, no one had any problems. After update, some Mexicans, Brazilians, Chileans and Australians (and many others, but those countries had the most problems) stop finding matches.

It’s not fair from TC killing the game for some players after an update. I could never find matches in Gears 4 after ping update, only horde (not even quickplay).

Good luck for everyone getting this problem. The only way that I found on Gears 4 to play again was LFG with US players.


I’m another Australian player. Pease let us find games - I’ve been dying to play Guardian now that it’s back in ranked/competitive. Something’s definitely off with Versus since yesterday - I can’t even find a OSOK game…


Weeena wn! :smile:

I have VTR and my buddy is on GTD so sadly it is not ISP related.

Clearly someone at TC flipped a switch and ruined the game for us, let’s hope it doesn’t take long for them to revert it.


You know, there’s always a chilean on everything :+1:t2:

I hope so. For Gears UE, I got the same problem, but “only” lasted 1 month.

You have problem only with competitive? Or also with OSOK event? Usually horde never had problems, so I can asume escape too.

I played some quickplay on tuesday, 1v4, 2v3 all the time, bots are needed.

Played 2v2 last night and it was the first time in a long time that I spent more time searching than playing.

Will try the other modes tonight. If I can’t find games I’ll start spammimg the mods in here and twitter until we get an answer.


I’m from Brazil, same thing here, I can’t play ranked anymore because I can’t find a match


I am from Chile and I also have this problem since the operation began, also my friends from South America have the same problem, it is only possible to find TDM and control games, previously I found in all modes and against people from NA, Latam and SA, Now you only find people from SA so my theory is that you meet only people from your same region so the pool players is much lower, this happened previously in GOW 4 and on the firts months of GOW 5, I hope they solve it

Maybe this has something to do with TC moving for the new Unreal Engine or that op8 will be the last and maybe they reassigned servers because of fewer active players

I think it’s time for a bit of Australian Diplomacy



The YOBBO Uprising.

We definitely still have servers here in Aussie, just wanted to state that.

It could be that TC is prioritising matchmaking in a way that makes higher ping games less likely to occur, and therefore less likely for players like us in low populated regions to find anything.


If TC is making high ping games less likely to occur, why the faster matchmaking option at all? As it is definitely not fast anymore, sitting around waiting to find games is not why i bought the game. We have like i stated, effectively been region blocked by TCs lastest changes to the game, i have searched on and off for most of today and have been unable to find a single match,please return to operation 6 settings,so as us LOYAL Aussie supporters of your franchise can join the battle once more. MY LANCERS HUNGRY😅


You would have to ask TC that.

As an Aussie myself it been a pretty frustrating experience since TC got the franchise (PVP wise)


Same problem in South Asia too.

The matchmaking times are too high compared to previous operation.

I played for 90 minutes yesterday. But out of 90 minutes, I spent 60 minutes just waiting to find a match!!!

Those 60 minutes I spent rotating throughout all game modes, 2v2, TDM, Guardian, FFA.
Can’t seem to find a match at all.

I only managed to play two matches of control yesterday,

I can only find Control matches under 5 minutes.

What’s even worse, is that if I am playing consecutive matches, I am being matched with the same players over and over again, which may possibly be due to region locks which TC introduced.

Playing Competitive is a nightmare if you are living in a low populated region. You spend more than half of your time waiting than playing.

Please TC, kindly look into this problem.


For the players who are affected with this problem, you can post in the following topic. The idea is that only 1 player write this error in the most specific way (with video showing that you can’t find matches) and if you have submitted a ticket.

Why only 1 player? Because posting the same error from different players can result in deleting the other posts: (copy-paste)

Please reply with a brief summary of the issue (please keep it civil, review the Guidelines) and you should log a support ticket with screenshot(s) or a video (may have to be a YouTube video link) so the Devs can reproduce it and locate the cause, to (hopefully) be ale to issue a fix in a future update.
Submit a Support ticket by clicking here

Duplicates of earlier reported issues and non-contributing replies will likely be deleted.

Please coordinate who will post this problem. No one wants Gears 4 pvp problem again