Competitive bans are actually getting annoying

every time i log on gears i’m competitive banned for 4 games… No clue why, because i don’t quit my games. Played last night, all my games were chill, and ended off on a boring tdm match. Got off. Got on today, yet another competitive ban. Sure, i’ll play 4 easy games against bots but what is the purpose of the ban if i can just finish 4 bot games in 30 minutes? Regardless, just take out this stupid competitive ban garbage. Hardly anyone plays gears anymore, no reason to ban the few people who actually still play this god awful game.

Mmm hmm…

So if it’s so quick and easy and therefore do not serve a purpose, are you advocating more severe bans?

Perhaps the bans are a good thing if you find the game so awful? Perhaps you’d be happier playing something that you enjoy?

I love gears idiot… Don’t see any purpose to banning people for not quitting at all.

Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful by asking questions. Your post wasn’t totally clear, so I wanted to clarify a few things. No need to call people names.

Oh man, you don’t get it. It’s pointless to ban people from a dying game when all you have to do is play against an AI bot lobby… takes 30 minutes and the bans done. I’m saying it’s annoying that every time i log on, i’m competitive banned and haven’t quit a single game. No reason to when i’m playing with a squad who hasn’t lost a single game all night. Make sense?

So if the bans are pointless, then it’s not a problem then? Because it kinda sounds like it’s having its intended effect - as a form of punishment for something.

Or maybe it was a DDOS attack or something? You might want to report that, that’s serious stuff.

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God, you’re so dense it blows my mind… sit on the forums cause i can tell you don’t play/

But I’m playing right now. So you’re wrong on at least one point…

Man, people on these forums… i swear. So dense and stupid. Blows my mind. says hes trying to be helpful, yet states the obvious that everyone already knows. You already know gears competitive bans people for randomly dcing a game. an they randomly suspend people for no apparent reason. Still defends it. So ignorant. Add me for a 1v if you want to see the difference.

I don’t see how a 1vs1 proves anything. Also, I’m not disagreeing with you. People pull DDSO attacks all the time. It’s serious stuff.

holy ddos rarely happens anymore… mayble back in cod days bud… i see you tho…

/thread done

I like ketchup on my burger.

You don’t? I challenge you to a 1v!!!


/thread done. ■■■■

Philistine! I’ll do more than 1vs1 you, I’ll DDSO you too!

Don’t worry buddy, you can head off on your merry way. @Forza_Cali and I have beef but we can continue without you. Have a fantastic day!

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Exciting read.

Your beef is exclusively on forums. Bums

Yeah. Two grown men in myself and @Bleeding_Pepper are about to square off.

This is no place for a young blood, enjoy your chocolate chip ice cream elsewhere!

I thought you were finished with this discussion? Don’t feel you need to stay on my account. I wouldn’t want to pressure or force anyone to stay if they didn’t want to.

@Forza_Cali - we’ll settle this like mature intelligent adults - 1vs1.



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