Competitive aiming

Aiming is way off. It used to be centered now I’m getting hit by people who aren’t even aiming my direction. This is trash. I’m disappointed because you guys always find a way to make a game that was good, BAD.

There’s no way to determine where someone was actually aiming / looking when they killed you as kill-cams are inaccurate, but yes, the latest Gnasher tweak has many people up in arms.

Oh I know that for sure. Kill cams never look 100% accurate. But It’s even happened to me, where I’m not aiming at the person and I’ll still kill them. For example, I played on dam. I was fighting on the cover by sniper and I hit a bounce, did a quick pop shot and realized wow I’m going to miss. My aim was way off. It looked like I was about to shoot nothing but the wall and I ended up killing the guy. I’ve played a couple lan matches and it seems like you have to aim more to the right and upward. Which is dumb because it looks like you’re not going to hit but you do.

I’d love to see a clip like that. I’ve yet to see that other than with snipes where the shot will pull slightly to left or right.