Competitive 2v2 Gnasher Spawn Formation Balance


I am not too sure if this has been addressed yet.
But if it matters to some players, may the Spawn Formation be Balanced?

May each Character Spawn, Spawn Side-by-Side instead of having 1 Character/ Player Lead Front?

I believe each player should reach middle map about the same time.
Kinda feels odd to always have a second player fall behind.

What do you guys think?

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Why is it a big deal?
It didn’t really matter to me much.
Although I remember the formation being one player on left and slightly behind while right player is slightly ahead.

Because the Trailer had showed Characters Side-By-Side? :joy:

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It’s no big issue. When I read this topics title I figured you meant the two people swapping position at the start of every round, I noticed whatever side you spawn on, you stay on.

It doesn’t phase me, is only about 3ft a difference plus people underestimate you from a “left” angle, but some others enjoy a turn with the right-hand advantage.


Just a guess, but maybe it’s so characters don’t end up hitting the same cover at the same time when cover boosting out of spawn. I hate it when I’m trying to get out of spawn and two or more of us get tripped up on each other.

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Every time I try to leave spawn on Canals *or Blood Drive.


You still won’t be able to hit spots on the map at the same time. Think of Canals. Even if everyone spawns at the front, 4 people will be further from the wall than the 1st person.That will be the same story for pretty much every map. I agree though, it’s annoying to have spawning advantages.

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In my opinion, I think you should try telling TC at the [Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback forum page

Try using @TC_Octus or a different @TC in your comment if you decide to. That will
most likely get their attention for your post.

You put out a great point right here.

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Only thing I would like to see is a formation swap per round front to back taking turns right now it doesn’t bother me because my buddy’s that play 2v2 on UE came back for this but if I’m playing with a random and he cant hold that front right hand advantage or know how to adjust and play from pockets if your strategy isn’t working. Than i would like for positions to rotate. That’s why I love 2v2. It’s competitive, quick, and you have to make adjustments which is hard with a random with no mic. Just sucks this mode came out so late. Got fed up with Gears and pre ordered bops

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Btw does anyone else have a problem with wins and lost totals for 2v2 mine is stuck at 5 wins one lost in stats page. Only says I played 6 matches when I played well over 20, been like that since Tuesday.

This has always annoyed me, the enemy on front spawn can abuse this, go left and hit the wall before the other guy and win the fight almost everytime.

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This is what I’m trying to point out. Speed is important and getting there first is an advantage in this game mode.

Instead of rushing like them you can always mount at each barrier in the front to see if they’ll come to you.

But that’s an option of playing Defensive. Some players would like to choose to play aggressive and be more on the Offensive side.

That’s true I do agree with you, and it sucks when both teams do it at the same time. But, it also changes your strategy by not repeating what you’re doing each round by just rushing. I’m trying to say, you can change it up once and a while. I do it at least twice for each match I play with a friend “no random.” You can always have a stalemate and try the round again, instead of losing it by letting them get the GIBs.
And TC “might” do another update. This mode isn’t even in the War Journal yet and still has bugs in private 2v2.