Competitive 2.8.1 - Integrating to Main on Monday

Competitive Beta 2.8 is now live in Gears 4!

Competitive Beta 2.8 focuses on introducing new changes to the movement mechanics - and their influence on the Gnasher - in Gears 4. These changes were based on an internal deep-dive review of our movement mechanics in the game, and a desire to allow two distinct styles of play to exist in Competitive.

Check out Gear In The Machine Episode 6 Part 2 below for insight into these new changes.

Want to know the basis of our thinking behind the changes? Check out Part 1 of Episode 6 here.

Competitive 2.8 Changes

  • Disabled the long/short movement system

  • Reduced the slide cancel cooldown

  • Shotgun Bloom was removed for moving, turning and standing states to make it a consistent shot pattern.

  • Disabled auto-aim for a short time after a slide cancel, requiring players to be more accurate with their aim while wall bouncing. This is due to the other changes that decreased bloom on the shotgun overall, making shots more accurate in general.

  • Shotgun Center-of-Mass Aim Assist was changed, so that shots will be drawn more to the center of the body than the head, causing more pellets to hit on average resulting in more consistent gibbing.

  • Adjusted cover aim & blind fire shooting transitions so that they are faster/smoother than before, making it easier to shoot out of cover quickly. However, returning to cover will be slightly slower to counteract this increase.

  • Added a delay in healing every time you slide cancel or initiate a slide, to offset the improvements to the Gnasher and wall bouncing.

  • Decreased the health regen delay and increased the rate at which health is recovered per second while in cover

Update: July 6th 2018
Based on the initial response to the 2.8 Beta, we’ve made new changes that are now live.

  • Reduced the slide initiation health regeneration delay by 25%.
  • Increased the base Escalation Respawn time from 10s to 12s

The Escalation Respawn time increase is based from recent feedback from our Pro Players, who feel early rounds have less depth because of the rapid respawn times. We’re putting this in to put their feedback to the test as a live experiment. As always, send through your feedback!

Update: July 19th 2018
Competitive 2.8.1 will be the new standard Competitive settings set beginning Monday, July 23rd.


Lots of important changes. Thanks TC!

, keep on overthinking the gnasher, keep on destroying the purpose of wall bounce, keep on removing cover mechanics, keep on catering to new and unskillful players, keep on destroying the unique multiplayer you guys HAD. Keep destroying the game. Keep doing what you do.

Ryan …
Not even worth it.


Wow, these changes are huge, but it sounds pretty good in theory.

Love the new changes!

So for one second when going into cover it will still delay you as i assume it counts as a slide into cover even up close?

Interested in how much of a delay is added to wall bouncing.

I’m all for trying changes however I don’t think slowing down health regeneration is the right move when bouncing.

It should be the same whether standing still, walking, running, bouncing, straifing or whatever.

So if someone is shooting you, it should regen as normal as a skilled player can bounce to regenerate before shooting back.

This is a skill within the game and you can do it by “ducking” where you hold A and release and repeat, move side to side or jump, or bounce etc

That’s just my opinion on it :+1:


An effort to reduce wall bouncing (in terms of making it less OP)? I’m all for that.

I’d love it if bouncing was completely removed in Gears 5.

From a visual perspective it looks ridiculous, from a reality perspective, it’s impossible anyway (in the game, their feet don’t even move. They just slide like they’re on grease lol).

I’d be fine with the sliding to cover mechanic staying, but the cancellation ability should be removed and you shouldn’t be able to slide into another area of cover until you’ve completed your initial slide.

I’d love a return to just pure strafing skill shotgun battles in Gears 5, instead of nauseating camera sliding bouncing nonsense.


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2.8 movement is awesome ! keep this for ever :+1:


Gonna have to disagree. I’ve been playing Gears since 2006, and wall bouncing makes the game skillful, as does players that prefer to strafe. They can be both used as play styles. There’s no point in removing wall bouncing, as it increases the skill gap and makes the gameplay interesting to watch. I’m loving the 2.8 beta. I’m back on Gears now because of it. Thank you Coalation for this new tuning. I’m loving the movement and the gnasher. It will make esports more fun to watch.

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Again thank you for this new movement and gnasher system. It made Gears great and fun to play again for this Veteran Gearhead.

Remove this please. This helps nobody. You can slow it down in the bounce but not remove the healing option completely. In a situation where you have to escape and you gettin shot at people bounce to get away. They wont be able to do that now.
For the rest of the post its looking good.


No, be happy with your Gears of duty: Squeaky warfare.

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So far I like the changes it all feels like we can now play what ever way we want and be rewarded for it so far a good job. If there is anything else I find that I don’t like I will reply to my original post but so far so good.

Slower gen for people sliding to cover. That means strafing by sliding sideways slightly and bouncing. So, no you can play by being behind cover and shooting, or running out and dying. Essentially it’s campdrive with hammers all over again.

But i don’t really mind/care about the changes, if it goes south - just gotta accept’

smfh so you want less players… congrats

Huh? What do you mean with this?

Agreed. It is pretty useless staying at maybe 50% damage, just because you are wallbouncing. Slow the healing down, but you should still be able to escape with wallbouncing and heal a bit at the same time.

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Wallbouncing, slide strafing reduces healing effectiveness. Part of pushing is dodging shots. Other guy just has to wait in cover for you to push then just shoot you. So it’ll be (not all the time, but for the most part among higher skilled players) sitting in cover waiting for someone to push because if you get reduced healing when doing the above, you’re not going to risk it knowing you could get destroyed. Hence campdrive (overdrive) with hammerbursts as people used to sit behind cover waiting for people to push which made matches last forever.

As for what my paragraph meant i was replying to As_I_Ragequits comment about being able to play any way you liked which i feel is not the case as it seems TC is trying to put stabalizers on the game for the newcomers, essentially dumbing down playstyle by passively forcing players into one form of playstyle.

Sidenote: But at this point i don’t really care what they do. The games been up and down, tuned and changed, messed around with so many times i got fed up and somewhat lost interest. I’m busy playing classics and other games at the moment, still hop on gears for a few rounds but nothing major.

I’d love to be able to test it out but sadly can’t even get into a game…social…2v2 gnasher…ranked even works but 15+mins and can’t get a 2.8 beta match