Comparing sera to earth question

Im pretty new to gears and don’t know a whole lot about the story itself aside from bits and pieces…

Mainly my questions regard humans. I see that in the gears universe (at least the game) there are a lot of races dialects/cultures which are identical to earth.

You’ve got European accents, Australian accents, southern American accents.

You’ve got Caucasian, African American, Asian, Latin races…

My question is does sera and its human inhabitants have any connection with earth? Or does the concept of earth even exist in the lore?

Is there a logical explanation for the identical array of language dialects and races on sera as they relate to earth?

Or did the writers just throw that in for the hell of it so people could relate?

If Sera has any connection to Earth, the lore ain’t saying.

It probably doesn’t though.

I don’t think there is ant connection to earth. People have different accents to make them seem more foreign.

Ok so I’m gathering that the accents and English language in general is just thrown in there so they’re relatable to the fans. No reason for it to exist as far as the story and setting are concerned

Yeah some of the characters are islanders hence why they have different accents (sam, Bernie, tai) to the main cast.

Yeah I get why they would have different accents than the main characters but was trying to find a correlation with earths present day accents as they’re basically identical.

It seems to me a massive coincidence they would happen to have the same accents/language as us which sparked the question in my mind.

I’m sure lots of people probably never question it or find it a big deal at all so I’m guessing I’m in the minority here lol

Its strongly implied that the Humans in Gears are native to Sera and that Earth doesn’t exist.

Much in the same way many fantasy settings have humans in them and even have their own origin tales.

So what do you suggest, they create their own language with individual accents to differentiate them from humans of earth?

Nahhhhhhh mate! Not happening is it…

Lol I wasn’t suggesting anything.


I’m assuming like with other forms of media I’ve seen, it’s almost like an alternate Earth or a variation of our world since we are so familiar with our planets culture.

I think the main difference between sera and Earth is the fact Sera has a 26 Hour day spin and Earth has a 24 day spin. But I think that when it comes to the accent thing you kinda got to remember that it is a game with voice actors. So they probably didn’t think of that part if that makes sense. But it I believe has been said Earth does exist in the Gears Universe.

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