Companion AI in campaign must be adressed ASAP

Hey guys.
I needed to finish campaign on insane to get Seriously 4.0, and while the AI was not the brightest during the campaign (but OK), it behaved simply awful during the hive beast fight. Kait stood during the whole fight in one place and did NOTHING. at all. not a single shot fired. So basically i was fighting the monster solo. And since it was in insane, which means 3 shots received and out, i got quite a butthurt.
i know that the majority of people do the campaign in co-op, but i would like to ask TC to adress this issue, because some people tend to go solo for whatever reasons. Thanks.

Given that they are also working on gears 5 and gears pop at the moment, do U really think they are going to go back and fix the AI on a 2 year old campaign that earns them pennies in comparison to a new skin?

Camaign support is not worth doing right now anyway, everything they do is just multiplayer support. Plus only a handful of devs are doing updates now. The rest of the devs working on the Gears Games.

The best bet for OP is to complete it as Co op.

well, a bug is a bug :grimacing:
i do not care about this much, because, if i’m going to run through the campaign again, it will be in co-op, its just i hope i wont see this kind of issues in Gears 5, because insane is ridiculous itself, like dying from 2 juvies hits is one thing, but fighting the final boss solo…

The final boss is not difficult. It’s just about timing. If you die it’s because you made a mistake when dodging or with your helicopter wings. Trust me, with or without your AI companion, the boss is not difficult.

The AI does nothing for most of the game anyway, so why does it matter now? Its not really a bug, it’s just a game design choice in the difficulty.

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The most annoying thing for me on the insane campaign was the friendly AI not shooting at the trackers until/unless they were right next to me.

As for the boss fight, there’s a telegraph of when to dodge the tentacle strike (but I don’t remember what it is off hand).