Commuty Montage - I need your best clips to make this big project happen!

Dear Community,

For some time I’ve been thinking about doing an edit/montage on Gears 5, and today I’m coming to you because I’ve decided to really start it. As you saw in the title of the topic, I would like to do a community montage with the best frags/clips you have. That’s why I really need your help.

I’m a PC player which allows me to regularly record my frags but I don’t want to put only mine.

I tried to ask on several Gears 5 discords but I didn’t get any answer. So I hope that here I will find people interested in my project.

To tell you a little bit about my story, I started editing in 2014 when I often played Call of Duty. It’s in a way thanks to MW2 and BO2 that I got passionate about editing and that I continued through the years. I don’t pretend to have an extraordinary level but I’ve gained some experience, I’m very organized in my workflow.

For the connoisseurs, I’m going to take inspiration from editors like CapuEdit and Fives, who are very well known editors. I will integrate 3D in this montage and the song will be on an epic soundtrack (it won’t be sloppy fragmovie with only music on top of it).

So, I hope I convinced you to send me your clips, it will only make you some publicity (I’ll quote all the players who will appear in the montage).

Restrictions : I would like your clips/frags to be in 1080p in 60fps. For PC players this is fine but for console players it requires an Elgato or avermedia. As far as sending is concerned, I would like it to be on mediafire, google drive or mega. Nothing more.
Please send them to the following address :

Thanks for reading me.
See you soon.

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Did this at the start of G5, a few clips for editors to mess around with

Thank you so much ! it doesn’t matter that it’s at the start of G5. You’re nice to send me so many clips.