Community Votes on Returning Maps

So, it’s odd that this forum doesn’t have polls but we can look off-site for that with StrawPoll.(hopefully people can’t spam votes)

Let’s preface this by stating that this in no way should be forwarded to TC and any real indication what maps they should bring back. Just a getting a feeling of where the community lies when it comes to this topic. Please keep “I want new maps” to a minimum, we all want new maps.

For the Polls I split it into two. One for Gears 4 and one for Gears 1-3. The reason was due to the apparent ease at which Gears 4 maps can be ported into Gears 5 due to both running UE4. I have also trimmed the list for redundancy. Maps that are already in Gears 5, “Dark” versions, and legacy remakes already in Gears 4.

Gears 4 Maps

Gears 1-3 Maps

  • Omitted some maps in this list due to 30max choices, sorry if you liked any of those
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Just went through the selection and was bummed to see Overpass didn’t make the list.



Process is missing… Oh well, good idea though

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Good thing Gridlock didn’t make it! We would have been so mad @Buster_McTunder

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Ya, sorry I had to make an executive decision and remove a few


Fuel Station

Damn you Ghost we must admit GRIDLOCK is the WORST map of all time.

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I still love the map but agree it needs to be retired.


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G4 shouldnt exist here. We’ve got FAR too many as it is.

Voted river.

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There is zero reason other than man/woman power that we can’t have all maps in Gears 6.

…coughs Halo TMCC, and that has maps from 3gen of xbox.

I will check pole, I assume you have added J maps, had some great ones.


They were my first two choices from 1-3alas both not on the list

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TC sadly said back in 2015 that we won’t ever see a Marcus Fenix collection, and UE was their only dive–but I wonder f that’s changed now.

Hi mate
I doubt it has changed, maybe give it to an outside team/PCF as a project.

Imagine it. I love what HTMCC has become, the love and care that has gone into it. The varied playlists for everything including dedicated campaign ones is amazing. The in game rewards, the constant support etc.

I don’t play much Halo online (really enjoy campaigns, not so much 5!) as I always felt that you were either a Halo or Gears guy/girl. and although I played Halo first, Gears beguiled me from the off and that was it.

I just dream of a place where we can play all the maps and modes in one place. I would need to never buy or play another game.


Process is one of my all time favourite maps.


T-800 loves it too

One of my favourite skins!!!

Until Myrrah comes along,

Really only play with that one.

This is my idea for a MP-focused spinoff.

I think one of the recent COD games did this, where they brought back nearly every single old map. Might’ve been BO4.

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Maybe after Gears 6,

Take a break and just have a similar Gears game.

Focused entirely on MP/Horde/Escape.

I’m sure after 9 mainline games (1-6, UE, J, Tactics)

We can just get one that works online.

You can then use that to build upon Gears 7.

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Blood Drive is worse IMHO

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