Community Response to the flash bangs

I have a question?

Me: Why delete the flashbang in the weapon selection?

Community: Because i can’t kill people with my gnasher and make pro plays >:C

Me: that’s the point for the flash bangs,

Community : and i don’t like it


So you’re not part of the community?


You got it the wrong way round dude.Flashbangs aren’t used to stop rushers, they are used for the stun effect so the other guy can’t defend when people push themselves.

The stun has been a terrible mechnic since it’s inception in g2 and for once tc are doing the right thing by removing it.

Plus it made KOTH a visual mess at times.


i am not a gnasher boi, i prefer other guns in the game

Flash is coming back

Everyone thinks they are a comedian now. @ll_R_E_D_l @Buster_McTunder @TC_Clown and now you. You’re taking the meme food out of my meme mouth.

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Bruh, I was the original comedian on these forums


A real comedian would say they can still smell the milk on your breath, young’n

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maybe he is beyond the community and he is a god like figure like DOOM MARINE @Ektope

I wonder who’s the best comedian in this forums ?

How could you be when your not that much older than the forums to begin with??

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This little man was 4 when Gears came out

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@Nineteenth_Hour its one of the new comedians in here @TC_Clown he has created a forum stand up show called " THE DOCTORS"

hahahahahhaha :smile:

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They were removed to suit a certain player base, which was unfair.

There’s loads of players who dislike certain weapons, maps etc, doesn’t mean they should be removed :man_shrugging:t2:

Flashbangs aren’t deleted.

Just go pick them up, you even get two.


Plus they will return to loadout