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Classic Horde

every second attempt to play this mode results in a hard lock of the game client during Matchmaking/Lobby loading up. game freezes and needs to be terminated via Task Manager.

PC Win10ver

for me. It started to happen only after the serverside update Tuesday


Yeah just happened…

Some of us have been complaining about it and providing tickets. The fact we can only post pics makes it harder. I get that we can post videos on a ticket, but what good does a vid do on a ticket when No one acts on it, responds to it??? It would Be nice if we could post vids on these replies as well. This way the community can see it and not just a fake no response ticket.

I mean 15-20 crashes all in one day should tell you guys there are some serious issues. Especially since it’s costing players $ and ranks. It upsets other players who think you rage quit, people are reporting and blocking players because of the aforementioned assumptions.


Similar for me.
Every second attemp to join Horde Classic.
It freezes when the game found a match for me to join.
After one minute of a freezing state, it finally crashes for me.

PC, Windows 10.


I documented my experience with crashes since the game was launched one year ago and you don’t provide a solution yet or only replies like “does the title update fixed the issue?” or “did you update your drivers?”. You take a long time to answer.

Even I thought was a hardware issue and replaced the CPU, Motherboard and RAM, but Gears 4 and 5 are the only games with poor performance with huge stuttering and crashes, it only makes me angry for the lack of costumer support. Gears 4 issues was never solved and it seems Gears 5 will be the same.
Being kind never worked and the patience has gone.

This is my recent tiket:

On both campaign and LAN Versus, I can’t see the characters and weapons skins to customize or even only choose them, specially on LAN Versus, and it shows an “error loading weapon info”, therefore I can’t play with my desired character and weapon skin when I don’t have internet connection or I’m in Steam offline mode. It didn’t happend before, I think it was since Operation 5 update.
I recorded the issue:

You can try It too unplugging the Internet on a PC with the game installed.
According with your info:
I should be able to play but I’m showing you isn’t possible to get a optimal experience if even I can’t see the weapons and character info.
And with the other case of random crashes, there’s my info:

  • Confirmation of your Gamertag: soldiermxdeath
  • When the crash occurred: Dec 1st, 05:51pm GMT-6
  • DxDiag Attached to the ticket
  • What was happening when the crash occurred - mid-match, which mode, character screen, etc: The crashes ocurred randomly, ex, while I’m searching a quick coop vs AI match, UIR female character screen while I’m waiting the match, normally I use the black phantom skins every day
    and isn’t the first time it happens, It happens too I documented my experience long time ago but you just ignore It. No matter how many times I posted you on Twitter, tickets or official forums, you simply ignore It.
    I attached too the Windows Event Viewer again and my thread on Gears forums

How many post and tickets with proofs do you need to start working on a definitive fix? the problem repeat, isn’t recent, It happens since September 2019!!!

Edit: I also posted a video showing poor performance, it supposed to run smoothly specially on PVP, but that micro stuttering every moment makes me angry

Another user who posted his benchmark with a newer GPU is also noticeable on minutes 1:48, 2:01, 2:05, 2:08, 2:27, 2:43, 3:07, 3:17, 3:49 just to mention a few ones: Gears 5 RTX 3060 Ti Ryzen 7 3800XT ULTRA Settings 1440P Benchmark & Multiplayer Performance Test - YouTube

Edit 2:

This is another ticket due to the same issues.

After the recent update and with so many proofs of bad performance on PC like this

I only see this is still happening, you claim here: Gears 5 | Title Update 12 Patch Notes
that “Fixed an issue that was causing an increase stuttering and crashes.” and “Fixed an issue where players were experiencing gameplay hitches.” but isn’t true. Recently on any game mode I experienced these issues, and again I recorded It to give you a proof

at minutes 0:46, 0:54, 28:30, 28:40

And on campaign I get horrible fps drops for example on this area at 8:30:

And also when finishes a cinematic,all noticeable even without a fps counter like fraps or MSI afterburner, being annoying for the gaming experience.


Crashing just sitting at the main menu. XB 1x.


It happened to me twice, when I was trying to type in the chat (using controller) while searching for a Classic Horde match/lobby.

It froze, and booted me back to the Xbox dashboard.

  • GT: NeckPUNCHattack
  • Crashes occurred: 12/2/2020 between 8am and 5pm
  • when crashes occurred: at least 5 crashes - 2 during 2 separate advanced classic horde matches, 1 trying to load into a classic horde game (beginner I think) and 2 while trying to play campaign, 1 during a checkpoint in act 4 and the other while sitting at the character menu in campaign l
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Same thing for me, every day between 17PM and 23PM in Horde, Escape or menu . I don’t continue to play Gears 5 until this probleme is solved. (Sorry for my english)

This is really helpful info but please submit it in a ticket if you haven’t :slight_smile:

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Not to be rude, but I’m only posting here. When I’ve submitted tickets in the past (as far back as March 2020) I have yet to receive a response. It seems pointless to submit tickets since no one responds or addresses the issues. I know that’s not on you, but just saying… it’s frustrating.


To be honest… it won’t go anywhere. Last times I’ve submitted tickets, they were never resolved/responded to. I know ya gotta send us to the right places, but it just goes nowhere.


I understand the frustration, especially with how poor TC has been in the past.

I do want to point out though that for every 100 people that posts about a specific issue on the forums, or social media, only a hanfdul actually make tickets, and that is what TC needs to properly investiagte issues.

since TC Sera has joined TC, areas like Gears 4 weapon skin crafting and EXP not working in Ultimate Edition have been fixed, and that is because they went through the ticket (and then JIRA) process.


Bug reports frequently don’t receive any responses anyway. None of mine have and I’ve been told that if a bug report gets no response, it was good enough that no further information is needed. But I’m not sure how to go about it to update existing tickets, as I’m not aware of any way to view existing ones as no account is required to submit tickets, if you find further clues to what might cause a bug(such as me reporting X-Ray bugging out and no longer showing enemy outlines which I at first thought just happened randomly but later on realized the cause may have been two players using the ult at a similar time).


FYI… Tc responded to my ticket and asked for additional information which i provided

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Submitted a ticket.

For the record, these crashes that send you back to dashboard have been occurring since OP5 launched when using horde frenzy matcbmaking but i guess a lot of players are only just coming across it now as they are trying Classic Horde.

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Same for me …just sitting main menu get kicked to dashboard.

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A lot of my friends excluding myself have had their games crash on then over and over. I’ve gave them tips like clearing cash on their system or maybe even reinstallation but to no avail. I found this to be a problem when youtuber “TheRazordEdge” could post a video becuase his game too keeps crashing. I’m on series s and my game isnt affected but it seems like everyone else around me cant stay on longer than a match or 2 and most times they freeze in the middle of a ranked. Anyone else aware of this? Maybe a bug in the new update? Idk I’m hoping this gets resolved asap

I get no errors it just freezes and then dashboard…even sitting at the title menu long enough then dashboard. I once got out of the glitch mid gameplay when it froze i hit the home screen quick and came back to the game it unfroze it .

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